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Brain Tumour Robbed My Daughter's Hearing and Speaking, Now She Has To Fight It A Second Time

 My daughter Priyanka stepped into college with a lot of dreams. It was my dream too - to see her grow up a successful and happy woman. She is my world, even as a child she was filled with positivity and courage. She used to share with me all that she learnt in college and I thought she was all set to conquer her goals with her unbeatable determination. Fate proved me wrong.

In 2015, when she has just started with her college, suddenly she stumbled on the stairs. She lost her balance completely. We rushed her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with brain tumor. My world came crashing down. I was surprised at my daughter's reaction. She turned to me and said, "Don't worry Ma, it can be removed". I didn't know the implications of the disease, I was worried but hopeful that she would get better.

I can't explain how this dreadful disease progressed so quickly in a matter of days. She developed hearing problems, even before I could come to terms with it, she turned completely deaf. My daughter can no longer hear me. I don't even remember what was the last words she heard.

I lost count on the number of hospitals we visited for treatment. Finally, we came to Banglore, all the way from Assam. She had two surgeries and we returned home after a long struggle. Though she lost her hearing ability, I was glad her life was saved.

It was our second chance and we decided we couldn't take it for granted. I was next to her all the time, taking care of her. She fought the tumor bravely and I could see that she was slowly regaining her spirit. She tried her best to be strong and not to sink into sorrows. I kept reminding her she could continue her studies and get back all that she lost.

Before starting her studies again, I wanted to make sure everything was really fine. I took her to the hospital for a check-up. The results were not what I want to hear, "We, are sorry, your daughter has got the tumor again, she needs another surgery". I had such an intense feeling of anger accompanied by many difficult questions and thoughts. Specifically - why?  Why my daughter? She did not deserve so much pain again.

This time the tumor has robbed my daughter's speaking abilities too! What worse can happen to a child just waiting to accomplish all her dreams?

The biggest struggle for me is - how do I let her know that she is still precious to me and that I'll do whatever it takes to save her? I don't even know what she is thinking. Despite her struggle, she still wishes to continue studies. She can talk few words sometimes. Mostly she asks, "When can we go home?" What do I tell my little girl now?

She gave her absolute best to fight the tumour now she has lost all her strength. How can I give up on her? All I can give her is unconditional love and support. But sadly, that is not just enough for her. She needs a surgery which involves money. What will I do?

Since she was diagnosed for the second time, we haven't left the hospital. I'm staying with my husband and my son in the hospital. We can't take her back home without a surgery. My husband is a daily wage worker, and we have spent everything we had for treatment. My son just completed his college and he is looking for a job. We have no source of income now.

A deep frustration and anger set in when I realize that I can't do anything to save my daughter. I want her, she deserves a life. I need your support to help her battle this tumor again. I'm sure she will fight it this time also with your support. Please help her!

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