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Hit By A Trailer Truck, This 19-Year-Old Has A Horrific Brain Injury And Is Now Fighting For His Life In The ICU

In a few months, 19-year-old Pratik was going to appear for his class 12 board examinations and be ready to take on the world. Instead, he met with a terrible accident and is now fighting for his life in the ICU. He cannot live without further medical attention, but his family’s financial condition is not good.

Pratik is unconscious due to a traumatic brain injury

On February 1, Pratik met with a very serious accident while riding his scooter. A large trailer truck rammed into him and the tremendous impact resulted in a severe head injury. Parts of his brain are extremely swollen and he has been unconscious for almost a week now.

Pratik is very critical and the doctors are waiting for him to regain consciousness. His parents who were shocked on hearing this, are trying their best to provide for his treatment. But because he has been supported by the ventilator in the ICU for over a week the costs of treatment is growing.

Pratik has also suffered from multiple injuries on his body and face, which need constant medical attention too. Omkar, Pratik’s older brother, has been by his side at the hospital for the past week.

“I have stayed at the hospital ever since the incident and Pratik hasn’t even moved. He hasn’t opened his eyes and no one has any idea when he’ll come back to normal. His condition is extremely critical, but he is slightly better than before but he needs to stay in the ICU for at least a few weeks more.” – Omkar

Pratik is a guy with a large dream

In just a month, Pratik was to appear for his higher secondary Board exams and then move forward to pursue a degree in Automobile Engineering. It was the one big thing on his mind. His passion for the topic increased with every passing day.

Pratik's father, Kashinath, his mother, Naina at the hospital besides Pratik

“Pratik loves playing cricket and in our village, he enjoys playing kabaddi too. The accident happened so suddenly and his entire life has come to a standstill. I ask the doctors about his condition every day and they keep saying that he is still very critical. I really want him to recover soon.” – Omkar
Suffering from a fatal brain injury, Pratik is now unconscious in a hospital. Since his brain has been severely affected, it’s also unsure if he’ll be able to regain some of his functionalities back. His entire life has turned upside down in a flash and now, he's showing signs of improvement but he cannot survive without the medical attention and needs to be in the ICU.

Pratik needs to be in the ICU

The 19-year-old is unconscious and is assisted by the ventilator following his accident. His brain is suffering from a traumatic injury but his condition is slowly improving. In order to survive, it's extremely important that he needs to stay in the ICU for the next few weeks and get the treatments.

The costs, which just keep on increasing, are too hefty for his family to bear. His father, Kashinath, is finding it very difficult to help save his son, who is showing signs of improvement. There's no alternative to the treatments and Kashinath is running out of time to provide for the treatments Pratik needs.


Pratik needs immediate help

Kashinath works as a laborer and earns around Rs 6,000 a month. Through a meager salary, he has to provide for his 3 sons and his wife. Naina, Pratik’s mother, is a housewife. Their eldest son, Omkar, has just graduated and is looking for a job. They have absolutely no savings and are completely taken apart after seeing Pratik’s horrific injuries.

The bills have already crossed Rs 3 lakhs and after begging and borrowing from all his relatives and friends, Kashinath has managed to pay only around Rs 40,000. He has no financial means to provide for his son’s additional treatments and has exhausted all he had.

The total cost for Pratik’s sustained treatments in the ICU is estimated to be around Rs 8 lakhs. Now, Pratik’s family has no option but crowdfunding.

How you can help

19-year-old Pratik’s condition is very critical. He is unconscious and suffering from a horrific brain injury after being hit by a trailer truck and is slowly getting better. To survive, he needs to be kept in the ICU and treated for the next few weeks but his father has no way to provide for his treatments. He is now running out of time and needs your support.

Your support will save Pratik.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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