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Farmer Begs To Save His 11-year-old Son Who Fights Multi-Organ Failure On The Ventilator

"Prathamesh had a fever 10 days ago. We thought it was normal until I walked into the hall to see him vomiting blood. He was clutching his stomach and crying out of pain. All he said was 'Mumma!' and then he collapsed with fits. Within few minutes, he became unconscious. I thought he was dead. My husband carried him all the way to the local doctor screaming on the road, 'Koi mere bacche ko bachao!'" - Sunitha, mother.

He had violent seizures after which he fell unconscious

At the village hospital, Prathamesh was on the ventilator receiving blood. His condition continued to deteriorate. Losing hope, Sunita called her brother for help. Santosh, who has supported Sunita all her life, rushed to their aid immediately. After learning that Prathamesh's kidneys were failing, he begged the doctors to refer them elsewhere.

“They referred us to a hospital in Hyderabad. His condition had become critical, and we were given an ambulance to take him all the way from our hometown in Maharashtra to Hyderabad. I have never travelled so far or even to another city in my life. We waited, holding my son's hand tightly in that ambulance for hours and kilometers until we reached the hospital." - Sunita

Prathamesh's condition is slowly improving and he needs more time

Prathamesh has been on the ventilator in the ICU for the past 6 days. He has been diagnosed with severe sepsis and multiorgan failure. Currently, at Rainbow, he is on dialysis and treatment to alleviate the severe infection of all organs. He was given medicines to reduce the brain pressure, and that helped his seizures. Now, Prathamesh has a skin infection and he is on antibiotics. He needs to stay in the hospital for over 15 days, during which they hope he will recover.

"He has been unconscious the whole time. I never thought I'd see him move until he moved his hand yesterday. Now I have hope that we can take our son home." - Narayan

Sunita's only support is her brother who has been starving to save Prathamesh

Narayan and Sunita never had an easy life. With 3 children, and sporadic work on the farmlands, they were lucky to earn Rs. 500/week whenever possible to survive. Santosh has been saving whatever he can in the city and sending it to his for decades now. He has been begging and borrowing money for Prathamesh's treatment. Narayan had to leave his daughters with the neighbors until they can bring Prathamesh back home.

"My wife and I did not understand what is happening. Santosh bhai spoke to the doctor, and explained it to us also. We know our son would have died if we had not brought him here. The doctors are doing everything to save him now. Santosh bhai has been giving us money right from when he was making Rs. 100/month. Now, as an attender in a hospital he gets Rs. 3000/month. He skips meals so his children and my children can sleep well." - Narayan

How you can help

Devastated, the entire family is pleading everyone at the hospital for help by falling to their feet. Narayan and Sunita are not eating as they believe every rupee saved could help their son. Santosh is there with the family, doing everything he can, but none of them can fund Rs. 15 lakhs towards Prathamesh's treatment. The hospital is giving him utmost care and is helping in waiving off whatever fees possible. Prathamesh is slowly recovering and needs more support to be completely out of danger.

Your kind contribution can save this 11-year-old boy from the worst nightmare of his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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