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My 2-year-old Son Has 24 Hours To Get A Liver Transplant That Can Save His Life

If my son does not get a liver transplant today, we will lose him.

Praruj is just 2 years old. Spend 5 minutes with him and he will win you over. You would not even know that he has been suffering from one of the most painful and rare liver conditions right from birth. Medicines were not enough, and surgery was the only way we could save him. Every minute we spend arranging for funds, we are losing time.

2 years old and suffering from the most painful liver condition

1 in a million people have this disease. My son is suffering from Bud Chiari syndrome. The veins that carry blood from the liver have clots, and the blockage causes the liver to swell.

I can’t imagine the pain he must be feeling. I can’t take gastritis and Praruj has been suffering from when he was 6 months old. Praruj was on medicines for nearly a year. The injections were supposed to dissolve the clots. Unfortunately, we found out during November that his condition was deteriorating. In February, our doctor came to us with grave news. Praruj would not survive if without a liver transplant.

Even in our worst nightmare, we did not expect such a complication

We prepared ourselves, and came to Bangalore. A live donor match was ready, and Praruj went under the knife on 29th August. Just when we thought that the worst was behind us, a day after the transplant, he had an unexpected complication. Portal vein thrombosis – a clot in one of the main veins ended up causing damage to his new liver.

From outside, Praruj seems like he is recovering. He is conscious, ready to play, pulling at those wires, and even smiling. On the inside, his new liver is dying. Although the doctors have been trying to do everything to save it, the answer was evident. He needed another liver, and fast.

God has given us another chance to save Praruj

These 2 years, we have lived in anxiety. Every moment we have been praying to have more time with our little boy. We did our best to get him treated, and we poured all we had in this surgery. Now, we are feeling helpless. We were not prepared for this hurdle, and we have used up all our lifelines. We needed a miracle to get through this last leg of the race.

When we thought God was done giving us chances, a donor liver became available. We have 24 hours to do the transplant and save Praruj’s life.

Please help us save our baby boy

We have exhausted over Rs. 23 Lakhs so far on his treatment, and maxed out my insurance policy. We need Rs. 8 Lakhs for this surgery, and do not have the means to come up with the funds. Without the money, he cannot have this surgery.

He is just 2 years old. He does not even know what is happening to him. Pain is all he understands. He cries when the needle pricks him. He cries when something happens inside his tummy. He cannot even explain it to us in words. Help us save our baby boy’s life; Help us save him from this pain.
Please support us to get him through this. He will survive. He has to.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.