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Pledge for a Green Diwali.

This Diwali, Light up Lives and not crackers - with Milaap!

We are soon getting closer to Diwali season and many of us would be celebrating the festive season with sweets, crackers and a long vacation. But life is different for the people staying in rural villages of West Bengal where there is improper access to electricity, a kerosene lamp is utilized  in the dark and firewood for cooking.

Diwali has been known as the festival of lights but it is horrifying when you meet a community of villagers who have not seen a clean source of energy. Each family in the village spends approximately Rs.200/month for kerosene lamps which cause severe health hazards with the exposure to noxious fumes.

Head over here and experience-joy-sharing and celebrate the joy of sharing with Milaap!This Diwali, Light up Lives and not crackers - with Milaap!

   So this Diwali, Milaap has associated with Halabol to bring awareness among the citizens of India by signing a petition requesting everyone to minimize the use of crackers & utilize this saving in installing solar lights for the rural villagers of West Bengal. Not only that! For every petition you make, Milaap’s sponsors Arc Finance will donate Rs.10. Milaap targets an estimate of 20,000 signatures so that Rs. 100,000 is raised for installing solar lights in houses of rural West Bengal.

   Pledge today that you would minimize spending your money on loud and noisy crackers and instead help in bringing lights to the households of rural India. If you want to bring a change to your country, you need to be the change. And this is your First Step!