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Nagamma Is Blind Due To Kidney Failure And Her Family Doesn't Want To Help Her

“She doesn’t have anyone to take care of her. I couldn’t just abandon her, she was suffering too much.” says Niharika.

26-year-old Nagamma has been working as domestic help for Niharika, for a year. In August last year, Nagamma started falling sick too often. She would throw up frequently and be in extreme pain. Niharika took Nagamma to the doctor and her BP was found to be exceptionally high. She was hospitalised immediately so she could get tests done. The next day, Niharika was told that both of Nagamma’s kidneys had failed, and she would need a kidney transplant.

Nagamma’s life turned into a tragedy with the diagnosis

Nagamma was a young woman with a lot of dreams for her life and family. But her condition has thrown her entire life off balance. She’s practically bedridden and needs a dialysis session every alternate day. She suffers a lot of pain due to her kidney problem. She has splitting headaches, and her high BP has resulted in temporary loss of sight in one of her eyes. Once she has a kidney transplant, her BP will return to normal and her eyesight will be restored.

Owing to lack of education and awareness, none of her family members is willing to be a donor. Niharika got Nagamma registered in a transplant list. In her hour of need, Nagamma’s family members even cast her out, refusing to spend money on her treatment. It was Niharika who took her in and is helping her out with treatment.

Nagamma doesn’t have much time left, but without money, she doesn’t stand a chance

“Sometimes we have to rush her to the hospital at night, she’s always in terrible pain. Seeing her condition, even the doctors wonder how she’s still alive. She doesn’t have too long if the transplant doesn’t happen soon.”

Nagamma comes from a very poor family in Karimnagar. Her father is also on dialysis and her mother is a diabetic. Her sisters are married and her 2 brothers are still pursuing their education. She used to work at Niharika’s place and support her entire family back home. But as misfortune would have it, the same family turned their back on her. 

She was the only breadwinner for the family and now she doesn’t have any source of income to support herself. Sometimes when her condition worsens, Niharika rushes her to the hospital. During these times, Nagamma can barely even speak because of the discomfort and pain she is in.

Till now, over Rs 5 lakhs have been spent towards Nagamma’s treatment. Niharika paid nearly Rs 3 lakhs from her own pocket and got her friends to contribute Rs 2 lakhs more. But even she has run out of funds now, to pay for Nagamma’s treatment. Nagamma will lose her life to kidney failure if she doesn’t get the necessary funds in time.

How you can help

Thanks to the goodwill and humanity of Niharika, Nagamma has made it this far and there’s a ray of hope for her. But in order for her to completely recover and live her life again, she needs your help. Your contribution can save this young woman from a terrible fate, give her a second shot at life.

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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