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10-Year-Old Who Is In Unbearable Pain From Severe Pancreatic Infection Needs Urgent Help

“My poor child has been admitted in the hospital from the past one week. She has not been able to eat anything and all she does is cry in pain. She says, ‘Papa my tummy is going to burst now. Please save me, Please don’t let me die.’ I want to save her, but all the money that I had is already gone. I fear I may have to get her discharged from the hospital even before she gets alright due to my poor financial condition,”-Ghanshyam, father.

Little Pavitra is suffering from a severe pancreatic infection that has landed her in the ICU in a critical condition. She needs prolonged ICU stay to survive, but her parents have completely run out of money and are asking for your help to save their daughter.

‘We believed it was just food poisoning’

Pavitra, an active and cheerful child, studies in the 5th grade in a government school in Delhi. She loves public speaking and dancing and is an active participant in all programs at school. She never liked missing classes, but from the past two months, she had to miss a few due to excruciating stomach pain. Whenever her parents took her to the doctor, he would give medicines that gave her temporary relief. But her pain would come back again after a few days. This cycle continued until last week when it became unbearable. Pavitra collapsed in class and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

“We were shocked to learn that it was not food poisoning. How could this have happened? She was such a healthy child. In fact she even wrote her exams despite having stomach pain last month. Now she is very sick and we are just helpless,”-Ghanshyam

Pavitra cannot even breathe on her own now

The pancreatic infection caused fluid collection in her lungs, which has made it difficult for this little one to breathe now. She is on ventilator support too. Without proper ICU care and antibiotic therapy, she can even lose her life.

“Her face is covered in equipment. She does not have the energy to speak, but she does talk to us. She begs us to take her home, but what can we do? We cannot watch her suffering like this. Thinking about how we cannot afford to keep her for long in the hospital is killing me,”-Ghanshyam.

This father needs your help to save his daughter

Pavitra and her entire family – including father Ghanshyam, mother Kamlesh and brothers Lakshya (13) and Bhavin (5) are firm believers in God and always used to visit temples. The family lives in poverty in a small colony in Delhi, and they just barely get by on most days, but they were always happy. Pavitra’s illness has changed everything. Ghanshyam is a waiter at a small restaurant who earns barely Rs 300 a day. He does not have any savings and cannot afford her hospital expenses.

“All we can do is pray to God, as we did all the time. Maybe he will send help in the form of kind strangers as it is our only hope now,”-Ghanshyam
With your kind help, this father can save his daughter before it is too late   

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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