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Paisa Swipe Heroes Pledge To Help Unemployed Youngsters Become Skilled Professionals

"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

~ St. Francis of Assisi

Deliver happiness as you UNLOCK! What if I told you, you could earn money just by swiping and unlocking your phone screen and simultaneously also brighten someone's life by a notch? Sounds good, doesn't it? Yes, you earn money, help someone in need and spread the glory around. A good way to harness your chi, isn't it? 'Heroes' at Paisa Swipe are doing just that.paisa swipe

What is Paisa Swipe?

Paisa Swipe is the  worlds first social media app built on mobile lock screens that includes valuable coins for redemption or donation. This unique mobile app has created a new paradigm in the world of lock screen...that of giving back to the community with each swipe.paisa swipeIn simpler terms, it is a simple application which displays ads on your lockscreen and lets you earn money or mobile top-ups by unlocking your phone. Cool, isn't it? An easy way to earn money! For every swipe on any content (private or public) you earn Paisa Coins which you can use to participate in helping others and be recognized for.

What is the Paisa Swipe Milaap campaign?

Being just a platform to let people earn money/mobile top-ups was not enough for Paisa Swipe. They wanted to show the world that they are also a means to create social impact! Paisa Swipe has joined hands with Milaap to raise funds for various social causes like bringing clean drinking water to families, help unemployed youngsters become skilled professionals, help underprivileged students study further and several other such causes.paisa swipe

How does the campaign work?

1. Users at Paisa Swipe earn 'paisa coins' with every unlock of the Lock Screen.2. They 'donate' their earned credits towards a social cause.2. The amount of credit that is dedicated, Paisa Swipe transfers real money to the fundraiser.Screenshot_2014-07-31-23-27-23

Can I be a part of this campaign?

Of course you can! Join the journey. Become a Paisa Hero and a part of our initiative of spreading happiness to the world. The entire drive is crowdsourced and all you need to have is the goodness within your hearts to give.

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