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Padma Needs Our Help To Fight Cancer And Stay Alive

56-year-old Padma has been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. Padma worked as a nanny and struggles to make ends meet. Her only chance to stay alive is if she continues her treatment.

Fighting The Worst Cancer
Padma fights the worst form of cancer. She has been undergoing treatment till now but going forward her treatment gets crucial. Her cancer has spread to her uterus, ovaries, and her lymph nodes.
Padma- Was A Great Nanny
Padma was working as a nanny to 2-year-old Yohaan. His mother, Shwetha, after seeing Padma's condition, decided to help her. With her support, Padma was able to pay for the treatment so far. " Padma is an incredibly loving and caring person who has a warm smile for everybody. She has brought joy to many people's lives and she needs your help and support now", says Shwetha.

Her Treatment Will Decide The Future Of Her Family

Padma's income was the only support to the family. She has three children, two sons and a daughter.Her younger son tries to support Padma but her other son and daughter are currently unemployed. Her husband is an alcoholic who cannot contribute to the family or to Padma's treatment.

Padma's cancer has come as a shock to the family. They don't have any savings left to support Padma's treatment.

How You Can Help
Padma is unable to continue her treatment as she has no money left to pay. This course of treatment is crucial to her recovery. If she is unable to continue the treatment, all the efforts will go in vain. Our support will help her stay alive.

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