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Our Travel Diary

Everyone travels, for work, for holidays, to meet friends and families and sometimes to settle in a different place altogether. Travelling has been a constant thing in human history. People travelled for thousands of kilometres in search of a better livelihood. The emperors travelled to capture distant lands.
We travel still, and a normal working pair of eyes will be enough to see the different mode of transports and the varying degree of comfort that comes with it. In the "those who pay more will get more" market economy, ones with not much to spend have to travel in a discomforting situation. The daily travellers, who travel to the city to work, the office goers, the domestic helps, the vendors, all travel twice a day in the suburban railway. The scorching heat, the stench and the unavailability of space to sit adds on to the discomfort.
Nevertheless, it is what it is! People have to push their bodies inside 'the not so wonderful' place to take oneself to tomorrow land. Where the same discomforts awaits. And life has to make its way through the given thoroughfare.  

The travel starts with the wait for the right train.

And the right boggy too.

And the train brings many like us, will have to make our way inside.

Quintessential spaces.

In-between the perpetual cycle of settling and unsettling.

Munching on the tides of exciting flavours.

The window view, by the way!

The mundane inside.

At the right time!

It takes too long sometimes.

The right posture.

Don't forget to share the love.

Seems like its time.

Bhaiya, repeat it!