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Our intern has raised $2687 for toilets in Tamil Nadu!


Our intern, Peixin completed her Lend-A-Toilet Campaign on 2 Dec. She has raised a total of USD 2687 from her Singapore network and exceeded her target of USD 1600 by a whopping 1000 USD! She would like to show her gratitude to everyone who helped her raise money and turn her campaign into a huge success - those she knows personally and strangers who've pitched in as well. 

Dear friends,

I am Peixin from the National University of Singapore. I am now in India doing my internship with Milaap under the NUS Overseas College India program!

Arising from my experience in India and my field trip to Trichy, I witnessed how a toilet loan can benefit lives and save them the inconvenience to defecate in the open. I realised the need to do something to not just raise loans but also awareness for clean sanitation.

I believe that donation is not the solution to sanitation crisis. Instead, I believe in self-help solutions in which the poor are valued as dignified consumers of the market. Therefore, I choose to raise loans instead of donation where a loan is going to empower them for a lifetime.

Now, the campaign has come to an end. A total of USD 2687 has been raised to help 13 households in Musiri, across 3 villages to construct toilet at home. With that, they will be able to save on the trouble to defecate in the open.

The loans raised has far exceeded the initial target amount of USD 1600. This would not be possible without the support from my friends for making a loan and spreading the word. Really appreciated and grateful for all the support I have garnered during the campaign. Without such support, this campaign will not be a success.

As part of her campaign, Peixin has created a documentary- The World's Biggest Toilet to commemorate the World Toilet Day on 19 November as well as to raise awareness for clean sanitation.

Peixin, you are awesome for having done this!