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Cancer Will Blind This 1-year-old Baby Girl If Her Father Cannot Get Urgent Help

I want to show my daughter beautiful things. Ojasvi is 1. She just started taking her first steps, exploring our home, identifying us and things around us. I never thought she would lose her eyesight even before her next birthday. A spot in her eye turned out to be cancer. It does not just threaten to completely blind her, but will also take her life.

A white spot that didn’t catch their attention at first, kept growing until it covered a prominent part of this baby’s left eye

When Prasad and his wife Aarti noticed a small white spot on Ojasvi’s left eye last month, they did not hesitate to take her to the doctors immediately. They were reassured that it was nothing and would go away on its own. When it still persisted and started becoming bigger for the next two weeks, they took her to a group of retina experts in Mumbai who told them to go to a specialty eye hospital in Hyderabad immediately.

“The eye experts took one good look at her eye and said that it looks really bad. They did not explicitly let us know that she had cancer, but I knew from the beginning. I just knew. My wife kept asking me if it was going to be serious, but I told her it was going to be alright. But in my heart I could feel that our baby had a long road of struggles ahead of her.” - Prasad

Little Ojasvi had to be immediately started on chemotherapy because her cancer was fatal and at the risk of rapidly spreading to the rest of her body

The doctors at the Hyderabad hospital told Ojasvi’s parents that her cancer was very dangerous. Not only did it have the capacity to fully blind her, but it also could spread to other organs and kill her. Prasad and Aarti were taken aback, but their sole focus was to give their child the treatment she deserved. After spending Rs. 16 lakhs on a parent's cancer treatment, Prasad was left with no choice but to seek out help.

“I immediately called up all my contacts and told them what was happening. I needed more than Rs 1 lakh immediately, but not everybody had that kind of money. I was worried and anxiety had paralysed my senses. I just kept pleading to anybody and everybody I knew on the phone – friends, relatives, everyone. Somehow, I managed to get that amount, but I am very scared of how I will manage in the future.” - Prasad says tearfully.

Apart from losing partial eyesight, this sweet baby has lost weight and doesn’t eat much now. This is really taking a toll on her mother’s health as well

Ojasvi underwent her first round of chemo at the beginning of this month, so it is really early to say if she is responding well to it or not. But visibly, she has become much thinner than before. Her mother, Aarti, can only watch helplessly when her daughter refuses to eat properly and throws a tantrum.

“She is very irritable all the time. I think she is very bothered by her eye, but my poor baby cannot even communicate her feelings. We can see very clearly that the spot in her left eye is becoming more and more prominent. She used to eat dal and rice very well before. Now, all she wants is my breastmilk. I can sense that she is very scared. Even babies know things, they just cannot tell you upfront.” - Aarti

This family is forced to travel back and forth from Mumbai  to Hyderabad to save their daughter's life

How you can help

Prasad has a small two-wheeler spare parts shop that is not doing good business from last year. He was trying to bring back things on track, but cancer came for his baby girl – throwing both his financial and mental condition off-balance. He needs Rs 5 lakh more for his daughter’s treatment, but cannot arrange the funds on time. The family has to go to Hyderabad every other month for Ojasvi's treatment. This has become unaffordable for the desperate father.

“I think this is a very bad time for me.Last year, my mother had to have a surgery to get her pancreatic tumour removed, which cost almost Rs 16 lakhs. Now, my child is suffering and needs advanced chemotherapy to survive. We know that she will be in grave danger without the treatment. I don’t know what to do – that is why I have turned to the kindness of Good Samaritans online who can help me save my daughter.” - Prasad
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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