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No more headaches from kerosene fumes for Murshida, and she can work more too

One and a half years ago, Murshida purchased a solar panel. I started the interview by asking if her kerosene consumption had decreased. She declared she almost completely stopped using kerosene lamps. She still buys kerosene from the government but sells it to local shops. Therefore, she now enjoys a new source of income, even if quite negligible. I also asked what the main changes were in her daily life since she bought the panel. She answered she was suffering from headaches because of the kerosene fumes and is happy to be now relieved from this almost constant pain. She and her husband work 2 to 3 hours more every day, thanks to her panel. It is much more comfortable but also easier as they can now distinguish the true colour of the fabrics they are working on. Therefore, they enjoy an increase of their income and are satisfied with their solar panel. They are already employing 10 people but hope they will eventually open their own factory.

Murshida and her son

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