No more embroidering in the dark..a solar lamp helped Ambiya | Milaap

No more embroidering in the dark..a solar lamp helped Ambiya out!!!

Ambiya is extremely satisfied with the solar lantern she bought 2 months ago. It is easier to cook at night as the kerosene lamp she used earlier was not bright enough and was flickering with the wind. When I asked for what purpose was she using the lantern the most, she answered she generally uses it in her shop and back at home to embroider. She explained to me she couldn’t embroider before as the kerosene lamp wasn’t bright enough to carry out this precise and delicate work and she would have risked setting the fabric on fire at any time. She now can keep working even at night, and therefore increased her productiveness and her income. As she uses her kerosene lamps less, she is able to save every month a bit of kerosene for cooking, and therefore to save a bit of money.
When I mentioned the future, she told me she now plans to take up another loan to purchase raw material and keep developing her businesses. She also hopes she will be able to provide her son with a good education.

Ambiya discussing the impact of her loan with some Milaap's fellows.

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