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Father of one-year-old seeks help to undergo a liver transplant so he could stay alive for his son

It was one of the happiest days in Nijin's life. He was going to be a father soon. Despite, the high fever, and shivers he was experiencing, Nijin decided to take his wife, Rinu, out to celebrate.  Days passed by and they were eager to decide the name of the child and make arrangements before the baby was born. But Nijin continued to experience discomfort.  His evening shivers and fever concerned Rinu. Initial symptoms were of dengue. Even after days of treatment, his condition started becoming worse.
Nijin underwent various tests and finally, doctors knew the reason why he fell sick. 32-year-old Nijin has been suffering from liver cirrhosis. The news shattered him. He couldn't think that he won't be around to see his child. The thought killed him. Soon, Nijin started the treatment. He used to work as a social worker before he was diagnosed with this condition but due to the treatment, he had to quit his job. They managed the expenses with their savings. After a few months, Nijin and Rinu welcomed their son to the world. His sweet smile made Nijin forget his pain. Looking at his face, he promised to himself: "I need to stay alive for him".
Nijin's doctors knew his condition was becoming worse. They recommended an immediate liver transplant.

His 29-year-old wife is willing to donate her liver to save him
A donor needs to be identified for the transplant. Medical tests revealed that Rinu is a potential match to be a donor. Initially, Nijin was hesitant to make his wife go through the surgery and donate a portion of her liver especially when she needs to be near their son. But Rinu  and has given consent to be the donor;

Rinu works as a nurse and is the only earning member of the family now. She has been managing Nijin's treatment expenses for so long and has the responsibility of taking care of their son.
They have no money left to pay for the transplant

Nijin is undergoing treatment at Aster Medcity Hopsital in Kochi where Rinu works as a nurse. Doctors who know Rinu have come together to help this couple. The hospital has also brought down the cost of surgery to 16 lakhs to help them.
Rinu has managed to arrange 5-6 lakhs from her relatives and friends but is in need of 10 lakhs for the liver transplant.

Nijin and Rinu are looking forward to generous support from individuals. Your contribution will be crucial to his recovery.

Matching your donations
A generous donor has committed to a significant amount and is also matching all donations made by donors on Milaap.  So every rupee becomes two, thereby helping us reach the need faster. 100% of your donations will go towards the treatment and surgery.
How you can help
Our support will save this young father's life. For the past two years, Nijin and Rinu have been struggling to raise their son and manage the treatment expenses. This is the last chance to save Nijin. Our support will help him stay alive for his family.

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