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You Can Save This 21-year-old Girl From Becoming Crippled And Losing Her Dreams

21-year-old Neelambika, pursuing final year bachelor degree, is the eldest daughter of  Suresh and Ansu Bai. When Neelambika was all set to finish her degree and move towards her dream of becoming a banker, life took a drastic turn leaving the whole family in despair. She is diagnosed with Congenital Kyphoscoliosis which is a severely deformed spine and requires a deformity correction at the earliest.

Deformity in spine became very prominent and she has severe back and neck pain

Neelambika’s parents noticed an abnormality in her backbone when she was young but they believed that it would resolve by itself as she grows because she never had any pain. Their hopes were completely shattered when the hunch became very prominent. Initially, her parents took her to the government hospitals in Jewargi, Gulbarga and finally, they ended up in Bhagwan Jain hospital Bangalore. The doctors said that she was born with Congenital Kyphoscoliosis, severely deformed spine and it has to be treated at the earliest.

Any delay would have an impact on her respiratory system leading to pulmonary hypertension. Now, Neelambika has trouble walking a long distance and standing for a long time, this has hindered most of her activities. She also has difficulty in carrying heavy weight and has severe neck and back pain.

She has to do the surgery at the earliest, delay might leave her crippled

Neelambika’s parents have a very low income of Rs 4000 per month. However, they were very determined to provide education to their children and make it possible for them to fetch a job outside their village. Suresh has never let poverty to disturb their studies. When he was hopeful of raising them as happy children, her diagnosis has completely shattered him. Her father recollects how she had always been optimistic and never complained about anything. He is very anxious about her health and future.
“I feel very bad that I did not get her treated when she was young. I’m willing to do anything to get her treated; I’m not prepared to wait anymore. My only concern is her health, I do not ask for anything else in my life. If my children are healthy, everything else will fall in place” says Suresh

I cannot give up my dream of becoming a banker at any cost

Neelambika is a young and vibrant personality. She is confident that she will overcome this critical condition. Neelambika’s positive spirit is contagious. She has the pride that she’ll mark the beginning of first generation learner and has been an inspiration to her siblings and friends too. However, a fear lurks in the corner of her heart about the delay in the surgery. Delay in surgery would mean a big blow in her life, she might turn crippled in 4 years.

“I don’t want to inhibit in this condition, it makes me feel low and everyone who looks at me turns sad. It is so painful to see my parents running pillar to post to help me. I want to get the surgery as soon as possible. I can’t give up my dream of becoming a banker; it is almost like missing a part of myself” says Neelambika.
Her parents are struggling to arrange money for the surgery

How can you help?

Suresh runs a small general store in his village and on an average he earns Rs 4000 per month. He can barely meet the expenses. Ansu Bai is a homemaker. Surgery is very imminent to Neelambika, she has to get her spine corrected at the earliest. Suresh has already spent a huge amount for her treatment. The surgery would require Rs 5 lakhs which is beyond their means. 

Your contribution can save her life.

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