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5-Year-Old Playing With A Matchbox Caught On Fire And Is Now Suffering Severe Burns

“I received a call from my wife crying and upset telling me that our daughter’s catching fire. I could hear Kavya’s painful cries in the background. I rushed home and immediately took her to the hospital. Her back and legs were red and scarred because of the burns. I was in shock, but I knew I had to act to save her.” - Narasimha, Kavya's father.

5-year-old Kavya has severe burns on her back and legs because she was playing with a matchbox with her friends. Her clothes caught fire and she was badly burnt. Kavya was rushed to the hospital in a critical state. She has had one surgery so far but needs two more to be out of danger. She is extremely susceptible to infections and is in the ICU. Narasimha is desperate to save his daughter.

A playful evening with friends turned tragic

Kavya was playing with her friends outside her house. They had found a matchbox and like so many children, they decided to take turns trying to light the matches. Suddenly, Kavya’s pants caught fire and burnt fast. Helplessly, Kavya started screaming in pain, while both her legs were on fire. A homeless person sleeping nearby on the road heard her cries and rushed to her rescue. He tore off his own shirt to put out the fire and carried the terrified child home to her mother. Her mother called Narasimha home and they rushed to the hospital.

I carried my daughter in my arms as she screamed in pain all the way to the hospital. I will do anything to take all that pain away from my little girl. No matter what, I have to get her better and take her home. She’s suffering so much. We can’t even put clothes on her now because of the burns.”

Kavya with her father, mother and younger brother

Kavya was admitted to a hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Narasimha felt a sliver of hope - he had got her to the hospital in time. However, her condition only worsened due to negligent first-aid. She caught a serious infection. Narasimha finally moved her to Blossoms Children Hospital where Kavya was immediately taken for skin graft surgery and her wounds were cleaned properly.

Kavya is still fighting the infection and needs two more surgeries 

Even after surgery, Kavya is still in the ICU. She needs two more surgeries on her skin to be completely out of a danger of infection. Narasimha and Sandhya are distraught to see their little daughter suffer in so much pain. They’re willing to do anything to save her, but their hands are tied.

I work in a quarry. I don’t earn enough to pay 6 lakhs for her treatment. We’ve borrowed from family so far, but there’s only so much they can do. She’s been in the hospital for two months now and the bills are only piling up. I feel totally helpless. She’s my only daughter. She’s everything to me. That's why I am fighting so hard to save her.”

Kavya with her younger brother

Kavya barely speaks anymore, but when she does, all she asks for is to go back home. Her mother refuses to the leave the hospital and is depressed. She constantly blames herself for what happened to Kavya. Kavya has a younger brother who is only 3-years-old and stays with relatives while his parents are in the hospital.

Narasimha is the sole breadwinner of the family and needs all the help he can get to save Kavya.

How You Can Help

Kavya needs two more surgeries to heal from the severe burns on her body. She is only 5-years-old and is in terrible pain. She needs 6 lakhs for the surgeries. Narasimha doesn’t have the funds to pay for her surgeries and needs urgent help.

Your support can help Kavya survive this tragic accident.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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