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"My tea stall is my life"

[caption id="attachment_7498" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Zomuanpuii, finding solace in her passion. Zomuanpuii, finding solace in her passion. [/caption] “Although as a teacher I was earning enough to feed my children, my heart was never into it” confesses 42 years old Zomuanpuii candidly. Zomuanpuii was a primary teacher in a private school but as admitted by her she never found inner contentment with her job. It was a decade back when she finally gave into her passion and played a gamble in business with all her savings. After 10 years she is not very well off but she has nothing to regret as she says “now the journey is forward-moving”. It had not been easy to start with a rented shop with almost nothing in hand, the time showed her bad days when she wanted to drop it all and good days when with small steps she was weaving her dream.It was a Saturday morning when Aizawl was bathing in the foamy mist and the hills were reflecting thousands of shades of green carefully cleansed by clouds. Thoroughly garbled mud showed us the path towards the outskirts of Aizawl. Government Complex is situated out of the city and was chiefly established for government quarters but it seems the authorities forgot to put some roads towards their own homes. The entire journey was perfect for a bike ride with mud slinging and heart throbbing. When we reached the tea stall of Zomuanpuii, she was busy making some ‘puris’. Jovial and warm by nature Zomuanpuii greeted us with a cheery “Hello” and in no time started unfolding her life across us. She is a proud mother of two daughters who are studying in Mizoram University and a little son who came late in her life. Zomuanpuii’s husband stays at home or occasionally helps her in the business but looking at the passion with which she runs her stall, it doesn’t seem that she needs anybody. Zomuanpuii always knew that there could not be any substitute for hard work and the day she decided to work upon her dream was the day she put everything else aside.“This is my life” she lovingly says about her little business. She wakes up before the sun and goes back home only after bidding goodbye to the dusk. On asking who takes care of her youngest son who is all of three, she gets a little poignant and says “It’s for them that I am doing all of this”. I was struck many a times by the flow of her honest emotions. Life has never been easy for her, she still finds it difficult to think beyond her business, not just because she loves it but because she is never able to make enough to give herself a day off. Zomuanpuii had taken an enterprise loan from ‘Milaap’ with which she bought some stock of edible goods in her stall. She did not need any consolation or comforting words, she is a spirited woman who believes in herself. Zomuanpuii is striving ahead with her passion, grit and her contagious smile. She tells us how every evening you'll go back home a happy person if you do what you love.