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My early morning walks in Aizawl | Milaap Stories

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, what when the morning is too early? The sun rises in Aizawl at 5 am and the north eastern region of the country is almost 1.5 hours ahead of IST. The morning is never too early for a Mizo, but it took me time to get accustomed to waking up at that early. For others, the day had already begun. The streets were busy with plying taxis and vendors were setting up shop. But, that did not deter me from my early morning walks.k1I eventually started going to bed early and am now used to getting up at 5 am. My early morning walks are a practice that I am inculcating in my daily routine. By the time I leave for a walk, its 05:15. I see so many people on the road busy doing their morning chores. Some are cleaning their homes, some are all geared up and walk or jog on the street, some vegetable vendors are setting up their shops, some women are busy cleaning the streets and the garbage truck is out for its morning rounds to collect garbage. But the best part is to see children wearing their jerseys and football shoes and playing football on the street or any other corner which is just about rolling the ball, up hill On Saturday mornings every street is crowded with small teams of kids of all ages, dodging their ball from one corner to another. I used to walk in the residential areas on hills because the only empty roads I could find, led to houses compactly packed beside each other. Now, thanks to Alfred, one of the employees of WSDS, I’ve found open hills which do not have residential buildings.early morning shoppingAt the top of the hill, Assam Rifles have their camp and at the foot hills there are smooth roads sloping down into the valley. It’s pleasant to go there every morning and soak in the beauty of hills which still remain partly untouched by the influence of civilization.the garbage truck, collecting garbageNow my early morning walk is an undivided part of my daily routine.