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Mona's Father Has Been Spending Half His Income On Her Treatment Every Month Since She Was A Baby

Mona's was diagnosed with a terrible blood condition when she was just a 6-month-old baby. She needed new blood put into her body every month. Mona is 10-years-old and all the outside blood that has kept her alive till now is now threatening to kill her. Her iron levels are very high and is harming her organs. Only a bone-marrow transplant can save Mona.

Mona needs blood transfusions every month to function normally

“Mona is so naughty, we often forget the sickness inside her body till she falls sick”

Once in two weeks, Mona is so sick that she is unable to get out of bed. Her parents Hazarilal and Jaya know that it is time to get Mona new blood. Mona needs to skip school and go to the hospital where blood is injected into her body. It is also the time she needs to undergo various tests to make sure everything is all right.

Mona was born with Thalessemia Major – a severe form of the condition that can kill if not treated. Everyone with this condition risks severely damaging their organs because of frequent blood transfusions. It is the prospect facing Mona now. It the condition her parents have been dreading for years.

Mona with her parents and little sister Aishwarya

For the last few months, Mona's checkups have been showing very high iron levels. This condition is especially dangerous because it can, without symptoms irreversibly damage the body's soft tissue.  Mona's liver and kidneys will be the first to fail.

Mona with her sisters

“Every month, we make sure she takes all the check-ups necessary because we wanted to catch the problem before it got any worse. Last month, her iron levels were very high. Something needs to be done quickly to save Mona. A bone-marrow transplant is the only way to save her,” explains her father.

Mona in the hospital with her older sister Lavina

Mona needs a bone-marrow transplant to survive but her parents can't afford it

Mona's parents are shocked that things have reached this stage. Despite doing everything that they could do to make sure that Mona was healthy, her iron levels are very high. Now, to save their daughter they need to arrange for a procedure that is simply beyond their means.

Nothing gets Mona down - even as a baby, it took her just a few visits to get used to the needles and pain

“Mona is the noisiest person in our house. She loves to go out, eat snacks and playing. All the children of the locality know her and every day, her mother has to beg her to study. She seems so normal, that we thought her medicines were working. We don't know how what we will do for her now,” says Mona's father.

Mona with her sister Aishwarya who will donate her own stem cells for Mona's bone-marrow transplant

Her father believes that her boisterousness comes from her wanting to reassure everyone that she is all right. Underneath all her childlike energy is a sensitive child who feels bad about worrying her parents so much. Her parents, on the other hand are spending sleepless nights wondering how they can do the right thing by their child.

How you can help

Hazarilal is a salesman in a cloth shop in Raipur. He earns less than Rs 10,000 and needs to spend over Rs 4,000 every month only on Mona's transfusions, medicines and blood tests. In whatever is left, he needs to take care of two other children and himself and his wife. A bone-marrow transplant for Mona is simply impossible for him to arrange. He needs help saving his child.

Mona has taken her illness and turned it into a happy life. Your contribution will save her life.

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