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The Village Calls Him An Alien Because His Head Is Three Times Bigger Than Normal

Born in a small town in Manipur, 8-month-old Mimin was welcomed to the family with a lot of joy, but it was short lived when his parents started observing the abnormal growth of his head. People in his village call him an alien, but his poor family knows he is just a baby who wants to be carried around and loved. His head weighs 10 kgs now and can be saved before it turns fatal to his life.

8-month-old Mimin’s head is three times bigger than other babies of his age.

Mimin is the sixth child of Kipgen family. He was a normal baby with a weight of 4kgs at birth but his mother, Nengneithem was shocked to see how his weight was abnormally within a month. They took them to a nearby dispensary for immunization and came to know that he weighed 9kg which was quite unnatural for such a small baby.

With every passing day, his head is growing bigger. He just lies there on the bed and keeps crying. It has become very difficult for them to take him anywhere. This baby weighs 15kgs out of which 10kgs is the weight of his head. Mimin cannot keep his head straight as it is three times bigger than the size of a baby of his age. He could not crawl, sit up or roll over. The skin of his head has stretched so much that it has pulled his eyelids over his eyes and forced his eyes to recess deep into their sockets. Now, it impossible for him to see properly.

“It tears me apart when I hear people around call my little Mimin an alien child. He is my angel not an alien. I hope my baby is cured soon and he starts playing like other babies of his age.”

Mimin is suffering from a very rare disease and the treatment is very expensive.

Mimin is not an alien as the villagers believe him to be. He is suffering from a rare disorder called Hydrocephalus where the fluid accumulates in the brain, causing extreme swelling and building up pressure inside the skull. The only way out for Mimin is a surgery in Delhi which would cost around 10 lakhs.

Mimin’s father is the only earning member of the family with 6 kids and wife. It is very difficult to make ends meet with an income of less than Rs.500 per day. He can in no way save his little son all by himself.

“We feel very helpless seeing our son in so much pain. If his head keeps growing like this, it will explode someday. Tears keep rolling down his cheeks even when the baby is not crying. But on rare moments when I see him smiling, I get assured that his mind is still active and receptive”

How You Can Help

Mimin is going through a lot of pain at such a tender age. Many people have come forward to support him but it is not adding up the amount of money needed for his treatment. This baby boy needs your help to undergo the surgery that can save his life.

You are Mimin’s last hope. With your help, he  can fight this rare disease and will no longer be called an alien.

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