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Milaap Volunteer: Leah Prinzivalli

*Interested in volunteering with Milaap? Send us your resume and writing samples/personal blog link to alister[at]milaap[dot]org & join our team of volunteers who are making an impact in India with Milaap.

Leah Prinzivalli is one of our enthusiastic volunteers at Milaap. Coming from New York city, Leah is our writing volunteer, who writes borrower profiles that you see on our website before making a loan. Since the time she has sent her application, we’ve found Leah highly energetic and enthusiastic about volunteering with us. She brings to us an experience studying social enterprise and working as a content writer. We had a conversation with her about working with us and this is what she expressed:

1. How did you hear about Milaap, Leah?

I knew I wanted to volunteer at a social venture -- I studied social entrepreneurship in college and wanted to get involved again. I was excited about the opportunity to become a small part of Milaap’s team and fight global poverty even from across the world.

2. Tell us about yourself & your prior experience before volunteering for Milaap. What are you currently pursuing?

I currently work at the hotel workers’ union representing 30,000 members in New York City, New Jersey, and upstate New York. My short career has thus far been motivated by social justice, work which I am proud to continue at Milaap. I am also pursuing my interest in writing and especially enjoy the chance to combine writing and social entrepreneurship in my volunteer work.

3. What motivated you to volunteer for Milaap? What is it that brings you joy to volunteer for Milaap?

I am inspired by Milaap’s distinct microlending platform and its focus on loans that empower sustainability and entrepreneurial development. With each new borrower profile I write, I learn more about an important issue area in the developing world. My favorite part about writing profiles is the experience of “meeting” a woman, appreciating our similarities and differences, and helping share her story with the Milaap community of lenders.  

4. What are your expectations as a Volunteer of Milaap?

I hope that Milaap will adapt continuously to meet the changing needs of its partners. In my time here, I have already been impressed with Milaap’s willingness to attempt new ways of reaching its goals. The creative energy at Milaap is truly my definition of “social venture” and I hope Milaap continues to be a visionary in the microlending field.

5. One word that describes Milaap to you?


Thank you Leah for volunteering with us. We wish you loads of good wishes and trust that you will excel in your career.


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