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Milaap Volunteer: Karan Lakhwani

Be the change that you want to see - and that’s what Karan truly believes and follows! Meet Karan Lakhwani who has been one of our volunteers. He has helped us present borrower data as stories that you read on our website before you make a loan! We spoke to him recently and asked him about his experience he had working with us. This is what he had to say:

Q) What was your motivation to volunteer for Milaap?
I have always felt the need to devote some time for social service and that was when I contacted Milaap. I believe that if each one of us can take out at least an hour out of our busy schedules and work for a good cause, we can make a better society. I was introduced to Milaap Social Ventures by one of my best friends, Pema Sherpa. She has a flair for social service and her work in this field has been inspirational.

Q) How was your experience as a Volunteer with Milaap?
My experience at Milaap was wonderful. I have enjoyed creating profiles and contributing for a good cause. Every day as I jotted down a few words, I have felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. With hectic schedules, exams, projects, assignments, etc I am glad that I was able to take out time for this work and I also thank Milaap for giving me an opportunity to do so.

Q) Can you tell us about your learning experience from this volunteer Program?
At Milaap, I have learned the value of teamwork. Every person in the team has an important role to play and a vital function to perform. I have also learnt how effective co-ordination and organized work can help make changed in a more effective manner. Milaap has been a different experience. If I had not joined the team, I would have never known the existence of such an innovative platform that has helped the Indian rural population to think and live a better life. Milaap has helped this rural population to live a better, a more hygienic and a secured life and I am happy that I was a part of the team. The existence of such an innovative platform has taught me that ‘innovation has no limits’.

Q) Any specific cause of Milaap that is close to you and why?
Milaap is close to me as this was the first time that I had taken an initiative to work for a social venture that supported the cause of access to education, clean water, safe lighting and more for the weaker sections of the society. I have great regard for their concept of small loans and the fact that a person can completely be assured that the amount he has given reaches the one in need.

Q) One word comes to your mind when you think about Milaap?


All the best Karan! We wish you loads of wishes and good luck for your future.

Here's your chance to grab an enriching experience like Karan. Volunteer with Milaap!