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Milaap is looking for an accountant/admin/HR

Milaap is looking for an Accountant/Admin/HR person all-bundled-into-one to take care of all the administrative tasks which require dedicated time & attention. All this stuff is currently taking up the time of the overburdened founders. So we need someone to ease that burden! 


This can start out as a part time role (minimum commitment of 2 weeks per month) and can grow in to a full time role as the company grows. Person needs to be based in Bangalore and willing to work from our office for better co-ordination. 

Roles & Responsibilities 

·     Do the monthly accounting for the Milaap Business (loans received, loans given out & reconciliations every month)

·     Do the monthly account for the company's operations (expenses, salaries, employee claims)

·     Take ownership of all government and regulatory filings - monthly, annually etc.

·     Apply for all licenses, certificates such as 80G, 12A, FCRA etc. Requires interaction with government bodies & middlemen

·     General office administration

·     General HR tasks related to hiring, offer letters, employee contracts, payslips, employee satisfaction etc,

Skills Needed/Preferred:

  • Previous experience in accounting in a small company
  • Previous experience with filings with various government bodies
  • Can understand and speak Kannada
  • Have previous experience with working in an NGO/non-profit on the governance/compliance side of things.


Please send your resume/portfolio to jobs AT milaap DOT org with a catchy subject line.