Milaap is in two new states: Bihar and Rajasthan! | Milaap

Milaap is in two new states: Bihar and Rajasthan!

Milaap is now in the eastern state of Bihar, which is India's third largest state by way of population and 12th largest by way of geographical size. Above 50% of the people in Bihar are below 25, and many of them do not have formal training, or employment. Milaap is looking to change that. We are giving artisans who are part of self help groups loans to expand their skill set. As a result, they will be employed by Industree Crafts Ltd and earn between Rs. 2,500 -Rs. 3,500 per month. This will ensure their lives are improved, and that they are able to come out of abject poverty.


We will soon be lending to artisans Rajasthan as well. A large number of young people in these two states are unemployed, and we are giving loans for job-oriented training to self-help groups that make handmade products out of natural fibres. The loans will go towards training people on techniques such as splicing, processing of raw material, weaving, dyeing and the actual making of the products. After this training, all of them will be able to secure employment and their income will be increased. You can be one of the first to make a loan to this cause here!