Milaap + Huckleberry = Water in Tamil Nadu! | Milaap

Milaap + Huckleberry = Water in Tamil Nadu!

This week, we launched a new campaign at Huckleberry in Indiranagar! Every time you have a meal at the restaurant, Rs 25 will be added to your bill if you please.

This amount will go towards creating piped water connections in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.


Rithika and Sid, the owners of the restaurant, were inspired to partner with Milaap because they liked the fact that when you give money on Milaap, it is not a donation, it is a loan. They also liked the fact that you can keep recycling your loan, such that one loan can help tens or hundreds of people.

So guys, go have a meal at Huckleberry and help create piped water connections at the same time! See you there!