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Raise money for medical emergencies, bills, and expenses

Fundraising for medical bills and associated medical expenses  

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Intuitive sharing tools make it easy for you to raise money for medical bills. These easy to use tools and Milaap's audience (Over 2.4Million views a month) greatly increase the chances of your fundraiser going viral. Simply share your story and watch it grow.

Build Relationships With People Who Care
Your medical crowdfunding campaign provides you the ability to communicate your story without the burden of having to answer challenging questions like "what can I do to help?"  Your online fundraiser becomes words of encouragement, get updates and offer words of encouragement.

Keep the Money You Raised For Your Needs
Getting ill or injured is pricey, with or without.  Milaap is dedicated to compassionate crowdfunding, meaning we're devoted to ensuring every penny they increase is received by those in need.  We do not take a cent of your money, and we never will.
Milaap has helped people raised crores for medical needs.  Our champions/users have used MIlaap to raise money for problems which range from cancer therapies and surgeries to heart and lung transplants.  If you need help financing your treatment or the expenses of someone you care about, Milaap can help.  Below are a couple examples of campaigns that are successful.  You can look for inspiration about how you can use

Milaap to fundraise for them.
When a driver and his BPO-employed wife needed a hand to care for over 23 children they had rescued from the streets, the neighborhood offered, clothes, books, furniture and other basic utilities. The story warmed hearts of people around the world, and the Internet pitched in for the home rent, school fees, home repairs, school van and more so they can continue creating miracles without any challenges. This is the essence of crowdfunding.

Medical Expenses
Even with insurance, medical bills can be a financial burden. How do you get help with medical expenses that aren’t covered? From doctor’s bills and insurance co-pays to travel costs and lost wages, you can get the financial assistance you need with Milaap crowdfunding campaign. Are you passionate about a cause? Start a fundraiser today. 

Easy Crowdfunding
Whether you, a family member, or a friend is the patient, Milaap can help with medical bills, experimental drugs, alternative treatments, and more. Do you need help paying for surgeries or an expensive medical procedure? Start a fundraiser, Milaap is a debt-free alternative when you or a loved one is fighting an illness or medical condition. Start Crowdfunding now!Fight Cancer

Get support in finding the cure, whether it’s a personal battle with cancer, a campaign for a charity, or for a friend going through a tough situation. Chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and other life-saving treatments are both difficult and costly. Milaap helps you and your loved ones get financial support during those challenging part of their life. Start a medical fundraiser now!