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Every Dawn, This Dad Carried His Daughter And Walked A Mile.

Parameswaran lives in Trichy with his wife, an 11-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. He works in the field of construction and earns approximately Rs. 4500 per month. This family of small means had no toilets in their house. Hence the women in the house had to rush to the fields to relieve themselves. If that was not possible then they would actually wait for it to get dark, in order to get some kind of privacy. And that’s not all. While Parameswaran’s wife Ramalakshmi didn’t have to depend on another for a need as fundamental as this, his daughter, who suffers from a physical disability, had to be carried to the fields each time she wanted to relieve herself.
Naturally, it was getting increasingly strenuous for Parameswaran to do this task every single time, more so as his daughter began growing older. Moreover, both for the father as well as the daughter it was socially embarrassing, especially for a girl stepping into adolescence.
Sure enough, the practice also started taking a toll on basic hygiene at home. Parameswaran’s son suffered  from diarrhoea and that proved to be the turning point for Parameswaran; his wife and he decided it was high time they built a toilet at home.
 After building a toilet, Parmeswaran and his family's life has turned around. "We don't have any problem now. We are very comfortable and happy." says Parmeswaran with a smile on his face!
More than 60% of families in rural India don't have access to a toilet in their homes. Help us create more heart-warming stories like this one, by funding one of the families today.  And maybe share this?