Malurkodi and her family enjoy their newly found privacy | Milaap

Malurkodi and her family enjoy their newly found privacy

I went to Velakanatham, a village some 50 kilometers from Tiruchirappalli, in the hope of meeting Saroja who leads a Joint Liability Group of five members, formed by GUARDIAN, Milaap's partner, for the purpose of constructing toilets in their respective homes. Since she was unavailable, I met up with Malurkodi, a member of the group. Malurkodi and her husband work as daily-wage laborers. She has two children. She's been making monthly installments of Rs.650 towards the credit she took for the purpose of building a toilet in her house. Before availing the loan, she and her family used to defecate in the near by field, a kilometer away. Not only did this waste their time, but also they couldn't relieve themselves at, what would be considered, odd times. They were also exposed to innumerable diseases. Malurkodi felt the need to up their standard of living and took the initiative to provide access to a private sanitation facility for her family. They now lead much more comfortable lives and enjoy their newly found privacy.