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This Mechanic father is donating a portion of his liver so he could save his daugher’s life

Madhumita is a 5-year-old who loves going to school. But two months ago, Madhumitha's, father, Ramesh, got a call from her teacher who informed that she is ill.  It has been two months since the day Ramesh and his wife, Varalakshmi, knew her daughter was a liver disease patient and was slowly dying. Today, their Madhu is fighting for her life.

She was very excited to go to the school that day... 

Madhumita was in UKG when she fell ill. She would have been studying in first standard this year if it wasn't for this illness. She was an extremely active and happy child but now she hardly smiles.

Her family is from Bangalore. They all live in a rented house along with Ramesh's mother and brother's family. Everything seemed normal until two months ago.

"She was very excited to go to the school that day. But after few hours, we received a call. The teacher said she was sick and her eyes were yellow. They suspected that it is a case of jaundice.", says Ramesh.

Ramesh first took her to the family doctor who suggested they have to get her admitted. They went to a hospital close to the house, and the doctor suggested they visit a liver specialist.

Doctors conducted tests. It was initially diagnosed as an infection. Swelling increased and as the liver function reduced the doctors said she needed a liver transplant.

"We didn't notice anything. She was so energetic and active. Only now, after the swelling, she has become extremely weak. Though they are giving her medicines, she cries out complaining of stomach ache. The injections scare her the most.", says Ramesh

Ramesh will donate his liver to save Madhumitha

After doctors suggested she needs a transplant, the next step was to find a donor. Fortunately for the family, Ramesh was found to be a match to be the donor. Ramesh has been going through a battery of tests to prepare for the transplant.

"I am feeling so terrible that this illness has affected her. My wife just wants her healthy little daughter back. Her stomach was swollen because of fluid build up. They had to open her up and remove it. She is highly sedated and is sleeping now. They said she will be in a lot of pain if we wake her up."

How you can help Madhumitha

Ramesh works as an auto mechanic. He earns Rs. 12,000/month. If customers are generous with tips, he gets additional Rs. 3,000. His and his brother contribute towards the household. Sisters have helped with hospital bills so far.  They don't have enough to pay for hospitalization charges which are beyond their affordability.
"She has been in the hospital for over 10 days now. Bills are piling. I have no idea how we are going to pay for all this. All I want to do is save her.", says Varalakshmi.

With our support Madhumitha's transplant will happen as planned.

Matching your donations
A generous donor has committed to a significant amount and is also matching all donations made on Milaap, hereby helping us reach the need faster. 100% of your donations will go towards the treatment and surgery.

Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, click on 'contact campaign organiser' 

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