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List of present campaigns on Milaap

Difficult to find your friend's campaign page? Or don't remember the link? No Worries! In order to make it more easier for you to search for your campaign or lend to your friend/family member's fundraiser,  we've shared a list of all our champions who are presently raising funds on Milaap. You can find the campaign from the list below, and get directed to the fundraiser page.  And if you wish to join these champions by  celebrating your next Birthday or a special occasion with Milaap, come join us here.*Updated as 12th April 2014
Abhi Kumar
Abhinav Purushottam
Abhishek Gupta
Abu sheikh
Achira Shah
Adrianne Sarale
Allen Mireles
Amrit Kaur
Andrea Fernandes
Andrea Young
Aneesh Mugulur
Ani Master
Anoj Viswanathan
Ayesha Sen
Bhaaskar Kudikala
Bhairavi Ponnuswamy
Bhalchander Vishwanath
Brammi Naidu
Carrie Kelleher
Damu Master
Dave Richards
Deanna Monteiro
Debbie Friez
Deirdre Breakenridge
Divya Patel
Felix Prabakarn
Felix Prabakarn
Gini Dietrich
Hariharan Santhanam
Harshvardhan Parihar
Ishan Jalan
Ivette Aguilera
Jacqui Hocking
Jill Van Nostran
Jitendra Vyas
Jitendra Vyas
Kanika Wagle
Kendra Littner
Kieran Arasaratnam
Kieran Arasaratnam
Krishanthan Surendran
Kumar Papadi
Kurt Ricketts
Lakshmi Deepika
Lakshmi Deepika
Lakshmi Deepika
Lara Kanga
Lewitt Somarajan
Lisa Gerber
Lisa Gerber
Lopamudra Jagdev
Lorenzo D'souza
Maninder Singh Kumar
Maninder Singh Kumar
Manisha Gandhi Mehta
Manisha V.T
Manju Agadi
Manoj Kumar Swain
Manoj Kumar Swain
Mayank Gandhi
Mayukh Choudhury
Mayukh Choudhury
Mayukh Choudhury
Melissa Redman
Melissa Redman
Mercy Chikowore
Michele Gough
Molly Borchers
Mouna Aouri Langendorf
Naga Venkat CH
Naina Subberwal
Namita Mehra
Namita Mehra
Naveen Koshy
Naveen Koshy
Neena Khattar
Neha Salvatore
Neha Thakkar
Neha Thakkar
Neha Verma
Niharika Gaba
Noelle Perera
Nyasha Chikowore
Parul Mehta
Patrick Ashamalla
Poojaa Joshi
Prabhakar Saravan Kumar
Pradnya Anjal
Prakash Peram
Pranay Vk
Prasanna Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Prasanthi Guda
Praveen Aggarwal
Priyanka Varghese
Rachael Seda
Rahul Juware
Rajat Madan
Raj Viswanathan
Rajasekhar Reddy
Rebecca Lim
Riya Chhabra
Rohini + Aziza
Romel Dutta
Roy D'Silva
Ruth Paul
Sam Drury
Sandhya Johnson
Sandiip Saravanan
Sarbani Bhattacharya
Saroj Avalani
Sathya Narayanan
Satya Kothimangalam
Shailesh Shinde
Shailesh Shinde
Shonali Burke
Shruti Parmar
Sneh Lata
Sohini Baliga
Sonya Pillay
Soumil Kar
Sourabh Sharma
Sri Aditya
Srijan Singh
Stephanie Huddleston
Subrata Pandey
Supriya Lulla
Suresh Kumar
Susan Deborah
Suzanna Parikh
Talees Rizvi
Usm Mates
Usm Mates
Vamshi Madas
Vamsi S P
Varun Narayan
Vedika Hegde
Vimal Mathe
vimya kumar
Vinit Asher
vnindra indra
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