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Baby Likitha Is Severely Dehydrated And Only Cries In Pain From Her Chronic Diarrhoea

“She’s been sick since she was 8 months old. We’re always waiting for her to recover and come back to us.”

When Likitha was just 8 months old, she had bad diarrhoea. Her parents took her to the doctor in time, but no matter what they did, she didn’t show any sign of improvement. She was admitted to hospital immediately. Even after that, her condition continued to worsen, which is when her parents Mohan and Srivani brought her to Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. She was admitted to the ICU here and she has been there since.

Likitha’s body is unable to retain sodium, due to which she’s weak and drowsy

Before this prolonged episode of diarrhoea, she had fallen sick only once with a viral fever. The doctors at Rainbow told her parents that Likitha’s body was not able to retain sodium; a very vital mineral. The sodium in her body was getting flushed out, resulting in extreme drowsiness and weakness. Moreover, her diarrhoea also is not ebbing, leaving her severely dehydrated. Likitha’s condition breaks her parents' hearts.

Likhita has been in the hospital for the last 9 months

“She’s so small that she can’t even tell us that her stomach hurts. She just keeps crying when she’s in pain. We feel so helpless for not able to take her pain away.”

After some days at the hospital, Likitha's stomach started swelling, causing a lot of pain to her. Confined to her bed in the ICU, with fluids and drugs being pumped into her little body, all Likitha can do is, cry out in pain. The medication she’s being given is not helping her recover. She needs prolonged treatment in the ICU to get better.

Mohan’s pocket doesn’t permit him to afford her treatment

Likitha is the first child of Mohan and Srivani. They dote on her like every other parent. But all their dreams of a happy parenthood are crushed with her falling sick this way. Srivani is pregnant again, and it her second trimester. She desperately hopes Likitha will be fine and be there by her side to welcome her sibling into this world. 

Likitha’s life and future depend on getting the right treatment urgently. Otherwise, the little baby will succumb to her illness and never see any joys of the world. The biggest hindrance in the way of her treatment is the poor financial condition of Mohan and Srivani.  

Mohan works as a cab driver in Visakhapatnam for minimal pay. He tries his best to give his family a good life. He had plans for Likitha's future and her education but now all his plans are hanging by a thin thread of hope. To pay her medical bills, Mohan sold off their house and borrowed money from his friends and relatives. Since Likitha fell sick, they have spent close to Rs 16 lakhs and now, all their money has run out.

How you can help

Mohan and Srivani are doing all they can to save their baby’s life. But they can’t fight this battle alone. They desperately need your help in order to save their little girl from an untimely death. Your contribution can make all the difference in their lives by giving her a second shot at life.  

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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