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2-Year-Old Krithikaa Is Waiting For An Urgent Liver Transplant That Will Stop Her Pain And Save Her Life

Archana watches her daughter fall asleep in her lap. 2-year-old Krithikaa has not slept the whole night. Her bloated stomach doesn't allow her to sleep in comfort. Archana's heart breaks when she sees her daughter tremble in sleep. She knows even in sleep, her little daughter is not free from pain. Krithikaa is a liver patient and she needs an urgent liver transplant which her poor parents are unable to afford.

2-year-old Krithikaa was born with jaundice. Her parents Archana and Vishnu were alarmed at this and never expected her condition to get worse. Krithikaa was put on medication and treatment for jaundice right away, but sadly she didn’t recover. She always had a high fever and would be crying from intolerable pain. When Krithikaa didn’t respond to jaundice treatment, her parents rushed back to the hospital. Tests revealed that baby Krithikaa suffered from Biliary Atresia - a chronic liver disease.

Their dreams of a happy family was shattered before it even began

“We were so excited to welcome a baby into our lives, nothing had prepared us for this nightmare.”
Archana and her husband, Vishnu, were so excited to welcome their first child into this world. But when Krithikaa’s diagnosis came through, their world was broken. All their hopes for a new family took a back seat while they had to figure out how to save their baby from this situation. Doctors suggested they go for a surgery to free her bile ducts. They also presented the parents with the worst case scenario, that if the surgery doesn’t work, a liver transplant is the only solution.

When the surgery didn't work, all they were left with was the last option

Krithikaa underwent a surgery for Biliary Atresia when she was just over 2 months old. Despite the operation, Krithikaa didn’t show any signs of improvement. Instead, her condition started deteriorating. Her stomach started swelling up and her fevers didn’t subside. She now suffers from Decompensated Liver Disease, for which the only treatment available is a liver transplant. Moreover, her illness made her extremely irritable, making it harder for the little soul to tolerate the pain she is in.

“It’s heartbreaking to see her in bed like this. She’s so little, what has she done to deserve this pain?”

Krithikaa has stunted growth because of her malfunctioning liver. She can barely eat because her body doesn’t digest food properly and causes more discomfort. It breaks Archana and Vishnu’s hearts to see their 2-year-old daughter suffer from this terrible

Archana and Vishnu are ready to fight all odds for their daughter's life

“All we really want is, to see our daughter healthy and happy, but the surgery costs more than what we can even dream of affording.”
Vishnu works with an agency that designs flex boards. In his monthly salary, he barely manages to run all his household expenses, owing to which, funding his daughter’s treatment is not possible for him. So far, he has borrowed money from his friends and relatives to pay for Krithikaa’s medical bills, but even that money has run out and now he has no means to get her the treatment she needs.

Archana is a homemaker who has to spend all her time and energy towards taking care of her ailing daughter. Hence finding a job to supplement the household income is not really an option they can avail.

How you can help

Krithikaa is the only child of her parents and just like any other parents, they cannot imagine losing her. Little Krithikaa cannot eat or sleep because of her condition. With our support, she can be saved from this terrible liver condition.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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