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This 10-Month-Old Baby Fought Death Thrice But Without Urgent Help He Won’t Make It Now

"Sometimes I think that it would’ve been better if my son wasn’t born - he is in so much pain since he has been born. We have known nothing but sadness for the last 10 months. If anything happens to him again, I will commit suicide. "

Trupti, talks about the darkness that is looming over her son, Krishna. Just 10 months old, this little one has had 3 frightening near-death experiences. He’s been in and out of the ICU, with several seizures and internal bleeding. Yogesh and Trupti have lost everything but the will to save their son. This story is from their perspective.

When they pulled the pipe out of his nose, it was covered in blood

"Krishna is our first baby, and just 2 days after he was born, I saw that his lips had turned green. The doctors then put some pipe in his nose to check something and when they removed it – it was completely covered in blood! His oxygen level and blood sugar levels were extremely low and there was no explanation. Later, we got to know that he has been bleeding into his stomach. I had no time to think. He was so critical that the doctors said that he has very low chances of survival." - Yogesh

Yogesh had not even held his son since birth. For 10 days, he watched Krishna fighting for every breath in the PICU. The internal bleeding did not stop. Trupti was suffering post-partum depression unable to nurse or comfort her baby. She just kept praying and crying, over and over again. Luckily, by some miracle, their prayers were answered and he was out of danger. The family was relieved.

They prepared themselves for losing him many times after

"At 4 months, all that seemed like a bad dream. Krishna was such a happy boy. Laughing and smiling all the time. Very naughty. That day, I was playing with him. Suddenly he started seizing. His eyes were white.  For 6 days, he was in the ICU. It happened many times after that and it is getting worse. The doctor says he has brain damage. We still did not know why."  - Trupti

Krishna is weak and was hospitalized 2 weeks ago. His lungs were failing. Within 4-5 hours of admission, the parents again heard the same dreadful words from the doctor "He may not make it." After 8 days in the ICU,  watching their son's body swell under all the tubes and wires, the family was able to move Krishna to the general ward. By now, they had spent over 11 lakhs. But they are no closer than before to find an explanation.

How will they save their son from this fate another time?

"Unless we continue treating him, and find out the main reason, this will keep happening. He survived thrice. He may not make it next time. Krishna needs to know that pain is not normal. He deserves to live. He needs to know what life is. I want to watch him grow up, and live his life." - Trupti

For 10 months now, Yogesh has been in debt. Although he works at a private company and makes Rs. 20,000 a month, he spends Rs. 15,000 only on medicines and hospital visits for Krishna. 

"I had nothing for those ICU stays. My friends and relatives lent me money. Now we have nothing even for the medicines. I had to be by my son's side, and because of that, I received a notice at my office. I may lose my job." - Yogesh


Yogesh does not care about anything else now. He wants to save Krishna. Trupti is losing the will to live every time her son goes back to the ICU. Your support can save two lives.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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