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This 15-Year-Old Who Is Battling a Severe Blood Disorder Needs Your Help

Komadhi Kumari is full of life. She loves dancing more than anything else. But, today she is fighting for her life every day. She has been battling with aplastic anaemia for more than two years. Her family lives in constant fear that something might happen to their daughter. 

Born after several years of marriage, for Shanti, 42, and Kuppuswamy, 50, Komadhi is their only hope. They want to give her a happy, healthy life. They want to give her the life-saving treatment that can end her medical ordeal.

Her Condition Has Been Deteriorating with Each Passing Day

Little Komadhi used to study in a local school in Kaveripattanam, in Krishnagiri. Her parents Shanti and Kuppuswamy work as daily wage labourers. They do desilting work as and when it comes, and earn about Rs 120 per day.

Komadhi would walk every day from her home to school. She was only 13 when it all started. She developed a lingering fever and an intense pain in her joints, making it impossible for her to walk to school. She had no other option but to drop out. She lost all her strength. A series of tests confirmed that she was suffering from aplastic anaemia. For Komadhi, who’s always loved being active, the limitations have been life changing. She cannot eat or even take a bath by herself. She misses dancing the most. Her mother's always there by her side. 

Aplastic anaemia – a rare condition means her body isn't producing enough new blood cells and her bone marrow is failing. Her red cells, white cells, and platelets tend to get very low. She can't fight infection or illness very well. Her blood can't clot well either. Injuries could lead to uncontrolled bleeding. She needs blood transfusions from time-to-time. Currently, she is being supported by medicines such as cyclosporin and other anti-fugal and anti-biotic medicines. 

They Have Exhausted the Little Savings They Had

Making ends meet was difficult for Shanti and her husband. In such a scenario, when they came to know about Komadhi’s condition, they couldn’t take it. “I sold off both the gold sovereigns that I had saved for her wedding and my husband borrowed money from a few people at an interest of 5%,” says Shanti. They have spent Rs 2 lakhs on Komadhi’s treatment so far.

Their journey has been arduous. "Our relatives told us that we're wasting money on her treatment. Instead, we should just marry her off," says Shanti.

Komadhi’s only chance of beating the disease is to undergo a bone marrow transplant. The treatment would cost about Rs 20 lakhs. Both, Shanti and her husband are desperately trying to raise the needed money before it gets too late.  

How You Can Help

Komadhi is running out of time. She needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. Shanti and her husband want to save their daughter’s life. You can support them by donating here

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