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She is his inspiration for his mimicry, help him save his beloved wife

31 Year old Karabi Das has been suffering from chronic kidney disease since 2012. She is also a patient of diabetes, hypertension, and depression. She has been in dialysis for last 3 years and requires an urgent kidney transplant since both the kidneys have become non-functional.

Karabi's husband Bhaskar Jyoti has left no stone unturned to ensure she gets the best treatment. However, after spending more than 12 lakhs on her treatment, he has run out of funds and savings. He even had to lose his job as could not regularly come on duty due to Karabi's illness.
He currently requires 15 lakh rupees for Karabi's transplant and hopes to raise 8 lakh rupees from Milaap's fundraiser.

Please come forward to support Bhaskar since you are the only hope for him to save his ailing wife.

I was introduced to her over phone call by dialing an wrong number - Bhaskar

Karabi and Bhaskar dated for 5 years and eventually got married in December of 2011.
Bhaskar recalls "I once had dialed a wrong number and Karabi picked up the call. I somehow felt she was good to talk to and started chatting with her over the phone. Slowly we developed a liking for each other and eventually fell in love. we had a lovely time dating each other.
She was beautiful and I was funny, we both loved each other's company. Even our families did not have too much of a problem of us getting married. So, in the end, we did get married"
The newlyweds had a great wedding and they already got busy with working and making plans for future.

The Doctors were unable to diagnose her disease for six months

In the Winters of 2012, Karabicomplained of gas and suffered frequently of constipation, headache, and vomiting. Bhaskar took her to the top hospitals in Guwahati but the doctors suggested medicines for the gastric problem and suggested she was perfectly fine.

Over the next 5 months, the gastric problem aggravated and came back frequently. Bhaskar took her to six doctors he even took her to Chennai but none them were able to identify the cause. During this period she also developed diabetes and started suffering from hypertension.

One of his friends suggested him to consider ayurvedic medicines, which actually improved her condition, however, she soon developed swelling on her face and over the body.

Bhaskar then took her to Delhi where it was identified that both of her kidneys are damaged.

Hearing about her health condition she eventually got into depression and used to fell extremely low. 

Bhaskar is also a standup comedian he ensured that she does not feel depressed anymore, he has constantly cheers her up.

 "You constantly chat but I love listening to your chatter, I love the ways you make me cheerful" - says Karabi
Karabi thinks Bhaskar is the only person who can save her life and she is confident he somehow will save her from this disease.

Why should you contribute?

Bhaskar needs to take care of her ailing wife and most of the time juggles between home and hospital. He is unable to take up a permanent job since there is no one to take care of her. 

The previous companies where Bhaskar had worked had to eventually lay him off him due to his absence for work, which is why Bhasker's savings have eventually dried and now he has no money left to take the treatment further.
Bhasker has already utilized all the life insurance policies and is now desperately in need of funds

In last six years Bhaskar has already spent nearly 12 lakhs on her treatment and now requires another 8 lakhs from your support.

Please contribute to saving Karabi's life

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