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This 8-year-old Needed A Surgery Even Before He Was Born, And Even Now He Is Struggling To Survive

Jothiprakash is worried about his son’s health. 8-year-old Prithish needs an urgent kidney transplant to survive. Jothi is donating his kidney to his son, but cannot afford the cost of the surgery.

Jothi is 36 years old, and married to Devika. Prithish is their only son. The three of them live in Chennai, along with Jothi’s mother.

A happy incident that soon turned into a nightmare

Eight years ago, Jothi and Devika were ecstatic on knowing that they were going to have a child. Everything was fine until the 5th month of pregnancy. At a routine visit, doctors conducted some tests and said that the baby had a block in the urinary bladder, causing urine flow to reverse into the body. The only option was to perform a surgery to insert a shunt.

Jothi spent over Rs 80,000 to perform the surgery

For some time, everything seemed back to normal. Until the baby’s movements inside the womb caused the shunt to dislodge. This caused the shunt to get removed. In an emergency Caesarean, baby Prithish was born at 36 weeks.

Immediately after his birth, baby Prithish underwent another surgery

This was to place a PUV- a valve that would help him urinate. Jothi and Devika took their baby home. They were aware that eventually, the problem would need to be addressed. Once Prithish started school, they removed the valve, and this is when Prithish’s health began to deteriorate.

Prithish needs to undergo an urgent kidney transplant to survive

Because he is so young, his body cannot handle dialysis. His kidneys are infected and his condition is worsening every day. Prithish is also quite short and lean- and weighs only 15kg. Devika is A+, and cannot donate her kidney to her son.

Currently, Prithish has to have 15-20 tablets a day

“He is so little that often, he cannot swallow them. We have to crush the tablets, mix it in water and give it to him. It really hurts, to see my son that ill.”
Doctors have said that once the funds are collected for the surgery they can admit Prithish immediately. As part of the treatment, Prithish’s infected kidneys will be removed first. Then he will be put on temporary dialysis, and finally, undergo the transplantation.  The cost of this procedure is estimated to come to over Rs 10 lakhs.

Jothi is ready to donate his kidney to his son

“He is my son, after all. I am responsible for him. I am ready to donate my kidney. But I cannot even afford the cost of the surgery. How do I save my son?”

How can you help?

Jothi works in retail sales. His monthly salary comes to Rs 12,000. He is the sole earning member of the family. Jothi cannot afford the cost of surgery to save his only child. 

Your contribution can ensure that little Prithish lives a long healthy life.

Medical Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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