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This 1-year-old Has Days Left To Beat Fatal Liver Disease But Her Mother Cannot Afford Treatment

Baby Jiana Mathew has not had a peaceful night’s sleep since birth. When she was only 7-days old, she had jaundice. Her body was yellow all over and she was irritable. The poor baby was then diagnosed with severe liver disease when she was 1-month old. From then on, life has been a painful journey for Jiana and her parents.

This 1-year-old baby girl needs an urgent liver transplant as her liver is completely damaged

Baby Jiana’s life is in danger

Little Jiana’s liver does not function properly like it does in healthy infants her age. The small ducts in her liver that drain bile are blocked. Due to this, fluid gets collected in her abdomen that results in infection. The baby is in constant pain because of this. Her spleen is enlarged and her stomach is swollen. Her small palm is bandaged because she constantly tugs at the IV lines that are used to give life-saving antibiotics in her body.

“Our baby had to have a surgery at only six weeks. We were so scared because she was so small. I didn’t know if her tiny body could take it. The surgery was unsuccessful. Infections continued happening regularly because of her failing liver. We did not think she would survive. But when she looked at us with her twinkling yellow eyes, we saw hope,” –Anila, Jiana’s mother.

 She has a fever almost every week now

Jiana is severely underweight and has only gained about 3 kgs in the last eight months. She has a severe vitamin deficiency due to her liver disease and because she is lactose intolerant. She also passes white pasty stools.

 Jiana with her mother Anila and father Mathew at the hospital

“Jiana cries and grunts because of the pain in her abdomen. Medicines are only able to provide temporary relief; they are also making her more irritable. She has had such high doses of antibiotics since birth that her body has become dependent on it for survival. It crushes me every time I see her in so much pain,” says Anila.

Jiana was trying to stand up for the first time when she fractured her leg

Jiana was trying to try standing like other 1-year-olds when she fell back. Her mother caught her immediately but she wouldn’t stop crying. It was not a regular fall.

“She kept wailing and nothing would comfort her. That is when we realized that she had hurt her thigh bone. Now she has a cast. Already our angel was in so much distress and struggling to survive. Now, she has to bear double the pain,” laments Anila, Jiana’s mother.

A liver transplant is the only way Jiana can survive

Baby Jiana’s liver is almost non-functional now. She is on high doses of antibiotics to fight off infections that occur in her bile ducts. She cannot survive for long with a bad liver. She needs immediate surgery or she will succumb to her infections.

How you can help

Jiana’s father is an engineer while her mother, Anila, is taking care of Jiana at home. The family is financial difficulties because they put away all their savings to go to the UK. They went there hoping to get their daughter a better life and save her life - but the treatment therewas not helping.

“Jiana’s condition worsened after we went there. I knew it would cost us a lot but we left immediately for India. Her father will give his liver to her, but we do not have the money required for Jiana’s surgery now. I know that she is critical. My baby daughter will leave us forever if she does not get a transplant soon,” - Anila.

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