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Even After Discovering That Our Daughter Has A Heart Defect, We Are Unable to Save Her

12-year-old Jesi has always been a very cheerful person. She is one of the smartest girls in her class. She loves to play with her sisters. Jesi is an ambitious girl, she has a lot of dreams and plans. She gets very excited when talking about her dreams. Unfortunately, her parents are not able to feel happy for her. They are scared that she might lose her life even before she starts living her dreams.

Jesi is diagnosed with a heart disease

Jesi studies in a government school. A year back, she had a medical camp in her school and everyone was asked to come with their parents. It was just another day for her parents and they were least prepared for any kind of sad news. When the doctors told that Jesi has a heart disease, they couldn't believe it. They were devastated and couldn't bear the news.

Jesi's parents Rama Moorti and Radhika took her to many hospitals since then and finally, they forced themselves to come to terms with the reality. They haven't revealed the condition to Jesi yet. They cannot bring themselves to tell her the truth. Instead, they say that she needs a checkup and take her to the hospital.

Jesi becomes tired often and has severe body pain

"She asks me why I'm not taking her sisters to the hospital, I come up with different stories. I don't know how long I can manage to hide this from her. I cannot imagine my daughter fearing death at this age. I can see how the disease is slowly taking over her health. She becomes tired often and she complains of severe body pain. While her sisters are playing, she just sits in a corner watching them. I know what she is going through but I'm helpless." -  Radhika.
Jesi has two sisters, Jemi (14) and Gracy (8). They are not aware of their sister's condition. Sometimes they make fun of her for being lazy. Her school is very close to her house but still, she finds it difficult to walk. When she became very weak, they took her to a bigger hospital and doctors told that she definitely needs a surgery to survive and it has to be done at the earliest.

Only a surgery can save her life

Rama Moorti is glad that he has got a solution and his daughter can be normal after the surgery but sadly he cannot afford it. He feels terrible for not being able to help his daughter. He has a lump on his leg and cannot walk fast. Despite all this struggle, he works day and night for his children. He becomes very anxious when Jesi cries because of pain.

"No father should go through this. My wife and I cry in silence. We don't want our daughters to feel sad and live in fear. How can I tell my daughter that I don't have enough money to save her life! I have no strength to even look at her. I'm willing to do anything to get the surgery done. I can't imagine losing her. I don't know what I can do? I'm only a daily wage worker but can it be a reason to lose my daughter?" - Rama Moorti.

Father is a daily wage worker

Rama Moorti is a daily wage worker and he earns Rs 5000 per month. His family is dependent on his income. They are living a hand to mouth life and have absolutely no savings. They do not have anything to sell. Doctors have insisted on having an urgent surgery and it'll turn very complicated as days pass by.

Jesi needs an urgent surgery to survive

How you can help

Jesi's parents are struggling to save her life. They are living in fear every moment. Radhika refuse to move from her even for a minute. They need Rs 3 lakhs for the surgery without which Jesi will not survive. They can never earn so much even if they work the whole year. They have no one to borrow this huge amount from. 

Your contribution can help Jesi live a normal life.

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