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Government School Cook, Abandoned By Her Husband When Pregnant, Is Struggling To Save Son

I was pregnant with my youngest son, Babu (Jasimuddin) when my husband abandoned us. My son is 12 years now and my husband never came back, even for his children. My child has been battling death for long and I do not even have a support to fight through the situation.

I stay in Bardhaman, West Bengal with my 3 sons who were growing to be talented young individuals. Babu is the youngest and everyone dotes on him. He does exceptionally well in his academics and was supposed to be in class 7 now.

I worked as a cook in a small government school. The villagers were kind enough to give me this job when my alcoholic husband abandoned us and left. I may not earn much from work, but villagers give us
 rice, potatoes, and basic groceries so my children can eat and live.

It’s been 10 months since I had any work. These are the 10 months from when Babu has neither been able to go to school or even walk around. I have forgotten what a sleep without worries or sadness feels like.

In just a day, my son’s life came to a standstill

Babu was still normal 10 months back. Then he came back from school one day with a high fever. I took him to the hospital. Medicines seem to work only until the night. I can never forget the sight of him vomiting blood. He was admitted to the hospital for three whole months. For every injection that pierced his body, I had to spend Rs 1,250.

The doctors said that he has pneumonia and chicken pox and told me it was bad.
I was very scared thinking he may not make it. Blood flowed from his mouth like water flows from a tap. I had no idea how to handle the situation. I don’t have money to take instant decisions.

Visiting multiple doctors only worsened his condition

We took him to Kolkata where doctors said that pus had accumulated in his stomach and he needed an urgent surgery. The consequence of the operation left me feeling completely hopeless and more alone than ever. My son couldn’t walk anymore. I didn’t know who to be angry with.

People in my village told me to take him to Bangalore. I begged money from every one I knew to get my son here. The villagers have even been calling my husband since Babu fell sick. But he is drunk and a new family now. My villagers tell me that I should file a police complain against my husband. But I will not. I have lost what I had to. I just want to save my son.

When I took my son to Bangalore, they told me he had an infected hip. His current condition is a result of the previous infection he had. He can walk again, and recover from this infection but only if he gets a surgery.

He is 12 years old and it’s heartbreaking for both him and me that I have to carry him. When people tell me that I stop carrying him, I tell them that my son is not a pain for me. I will carry him as long as needed. I will just have failed me bringing up my child.

I am an illiterate woman and can’t speak anything but Bengali. It’s Babu who speaks Hindi. He talks to the doctors and understands his own condition. My intelligent young child wants to go back to school, but can’t.

I don’t even see a way out of this suffering

I had to leave my other two sons, 18-year-old Allauddin and 14-year-old Noorkat back in the village. The villagers are kind enough to feed them when I am away. I don’t know how will I ever return all their kindness.

God took away my husband, and I am on the verge of losing my son. I have already borrowed too much from the people in my village and my co-workers in the school. I can't ever express how much pain I feel. My children are the reason I wake up and start my day. Without them, there is nothing. 

I have already spent almost Rs 9 lakhs in the past 10 months. Although I want my child to start going to school, right now all I want is to get him back on his feet. I have no money to save him.

How can you help?

I have no resources left to arrange even a paisa. I have almost come on the roads. But I can’t give up on my son. The amount required to save my son right now is Rs 3 lakh and I will not be able to save him without it.

Your help can save Jasimuddin.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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