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A Loan Helped A Village Champion Serve The Society Better

Chhayabati Dunguri was out for work when I reached her home along with Mr. Manoj, the Branch Manager of Mahashakti Foundation at M.Rampur. After a few minutes of our wait, she reached her home riding a bicycle. She plays a dual role. She works as a savings collection agent at Bijainee Co-Operative Society and as a Village Champion at Niramaya Health Care. Curious about her second job, I enquired about what she does as a village champion. She came up with a long list of tasks which include, inter alia, advising the general public on common diseases, first aid, sanitation, providing timely care to the pregnant women and escorting patients to a nearby health centre. Taking a deep breath, I said to myself: She really is a 'Champion' to serve the society better.
Her husband is a driver, and the couple has three children. She wakes up at 5 am and starts her day with various household activities. She starts to prepare food- both breakfast and lunch- at 6 am and concludes by 8 am. She then leaves her home for work at 8:30 am and works till 6 pm with a recess from 1 pm to 3 pm. After returning back from work, she resumes her role as a home maker after relaxing for about an hour. She starts to prepare dinner for her family by 7 pm. When I asked if the cook stove made any difference in her life besides ensuring a clean air for her to breathe and economic advantage, she replied with a big wide grin: “I cook food faster and without much effort using the new cook stove. It used to be a daunting task while using the old cook stove and very often I used to be late for work. I’m on time for work now. Also, I get plenty of rest in the morning and in the evening; I’m more efficient at work now a day”.She also purchased a solar lantern with a loan from Milaap. Blackouts are frequent at her place. Besides, the regular 2-hour blackout period from 5 pm to 7 pm, the power supply is erratic and the voltage is often too low for the lights to glow. The solar lantern is bliss for her family, especially her kids who study with the light every night. Earlier, her kids would be dependent on kerosene lamps which release noxious fumes. Furthermore, their eyes would be strained due to the low light emitted by the kerosene lamp. This way, a small Milaap loan and big contributions form you has gone a long way contributing to the well being of the whole family.