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Integration is the key to evolution

Integration is the key to evolution

Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinile, Chera nannaattilam pengaludane (Basking in the moonlight along the banks of the Sindhu River, along with youthful women from the fine country of Cheras,) Sundara theluginil paattisaithu, thonigal otti vilaiyaadi varuvom (Composing and singing songs in the beautiful Telgu language, let’s row our boats and merrily play together.)

Integration is the supreme concept of creation. Evolution is nothing but a gradual, infinite and constant   process of attaining integration. The intact world around us incorporates myriad stories of integration from its micro to mega echelons. From the integration of numbers for derivation of dimensions, of cells for metabolic performances, of energy plexuses for thoughtless bliss, of all the natural concepts in the mind for enlightenment, of faultless tunes for a melodious ostinato, of seven color rays for nativity of white light, of cultural traits for raising a culture, of phonemes for an organized language, of all the planets & stars for existence of solar system to that of atoms for creating the entire universe. Look around and you’ll find yourself surrounded by this master notion.Where there is an apposite integration, there is a persuaded evolution; a promotion to a higher stage of being of a person, thing or idea. The inherent concealed spark of a smaller unit metamorphoses into an effervescent colorful extensive entity. The essence of integration is equality; each element has its sole & same significance in the integrated whole. The whole exists simply because of the fundamental presence of every component. The structure of a truthfully integrated sum is always splendid; thousands of colors arranged in a perfectly organized set where each color is emitting bright silky waves of light and hence, created a deliberate constant play of tranquil exchanges of those waves.National Integration must be the vivacious and leading spirit among the citizens of a country comprising of multifarious cultures or ethnicities like India. Achieving this unsung goal of integration becomes effortless when we unlock our hearts for everything and everyone. We begin to trek to cover untraveled & unseen distances and our central identity becomes Humanity galvanized with Nationalism. At the present time, when the different pockets of world are burning with quarrels based on petty differences of beliefs, language, ethnic groups, etc. we ought to understand that cultures are the off-putting vibrant masks on the identical faces of human realities. Realities those are harsh, unfortunate and deprived of human concern. There are faces that have got wrinkles in the futile hope of a touch of love, some persons have never received a hug from a friend, some mothers who have been waiting for their competent son to get a job, some fathers who have used up their whole savings for the marriage of their daughter, some children who have never experienced the care and affection of a home. Similarly, there are farmers, tribal, teachers, laborers, artists, students, and lovers, who are losing their hopes from the nation and ultimately from their lives. Such people are everywhere in every culture of our country, their needs and dreams are alike but their words are different. Their food is different but the struggle for bread is same. Their beliefs may also be different but the devotion in the creator is similar. To abridge these differences we (citizens & state) must believe and effort to integrate all these corners. Once the winds of altruistic integration will begin to tour from Jaintia hills of Meghalaya to the Gate Way of India (Mumbai), from the Rann of Kutch to Kadri hills of Karnataka, from Spiti of Himachal to Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and from Dal lake of Srinagar to the Devikulam of Kerela, the evolution of the nation as a whole will initiate spontaneously…

Gangai nadhippuraththu godhumai pandam, kaaviri vetrilaikku maarukollvom,

(Let’s exchange the products of wheat from the area around Ganges River, with the beetle leaves from the area around Cauvery River,)

Singa maraattiyartham kavidhaikondu, seraththu thandhangal parisalippom.

(Let’s get poems from the brave Marathas, and gift them back the elephants tusks from the Chera region.)