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Only 4-Months-Old, Baby Imran Is Fighting A Large Cancerous Tumour In His Kidney That Can Kill Him Without Treatment

The tumour is growing every day. If we don’t continue his treatment, it will take over whatever is left of his left kidney and the rest of his body. We can’t let cancer kill our baby. He has his whole life ahead of him.”

Baby Imran’s birth was the happiest day for Abu and Anjura. Little did they know that they wouldn’t get to celebrate their first child for long. Imran was only 3-months-old when the doctors found a large tumour in his left kidney. He has barely experienced a life outside his mother’s womb and is already fighting a tough battle against cancer. If not treated, Imran might not make it for long. Only chemotherapy and a surgery to remove the tumour can save his life now.

Imran was barely 3-months-old when the impossible happened

Abu and Anjura took a happy bundle of joy home from the hospital four months ago. They even named him and started planning for their life as a family. They never imagined that soon, the future that they had dreamt of for the 2 years of their marriage would come crashing down. One month ago, Anjura noticed that the left side of Imran’s stomach was hard. Worried, she quickly took him to the doctor.

Even while waiting for his test results, I stayed positive. The fact that it could be something as dangerous and serious as cancer never crossed my mind even once. Even in my worst nightmares I didn’t think that my 4-month-old baby would have to fight this battle. Now all he does is cry because of all the injections. How will his little body fight such a big, fatal disease?”

Baby Imran is racing against time without treatment, but Abu is struggling to save him on an electrician’s salary

Baby Imran has already started chemotherapy. He needs 4 more cycles before he has the surgery to remove the tumour in his kidney. With timely treatment, Imran can go back to his home in West Bengal, and have a happy, healthy future. But Abu and Anjura not only have to carry the burden of watching their only child suffer but also worry about paying his medical bills every single day.

“Abu hasn’t gone for work in one month now. He has to run around for everything in the hospital. Back home, he works as an electrician. We had enough to just get by, but after Imran’s diagnosis, we’re really struggling. Chemotherapy and surgery can free him from the misery of cancer, but our pockets are empty and our hope, dwindling. We’re trying our best to not give up, but we’re at a dead end now."

How You Can Help

Baby Imran has Wilms Tumour, a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys. He has been living with a large tumour in his kidney for a month now. Imran will be closer to being cancer-free with chemotherapy and surgery. However, his parents can’t afford the 3 lakhs needed for his treatment. They have no one else to turn to in these turbulent times. Their only baby’s life is now in the clutches of cancer, and they desperately need your help to give him timely treatment.

Your support will save baby Imran’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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