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How To Become A Milaap Champion

So you're in as a 2014 Milaap Champion (thank you!) and can't wait to get started! But how? It's actually super-easy. Here's what you do:1. Set up your lender profile on Milaap. This gives you your unique "referrer ID," which means any loans that are made because of links you shared, or fundraisers you start, can be traced back to you ... so we can thank you!2. Navigate to a cause that you care about on the projects page. Once you've decided the cause, pick your target fundraising amount ($250 is the minimum). Enter your name in the "campaign name" field (so we know that it's your campaign), an end date (hint: don't rush it), and hit "start a campaign." 3. As you complete your profile, select which borrowers you'd like to support. As your fundraiser kicks in, your community will know who they're supporting. Finally, click on 'Save' and your campaign is live! That's it!mktgGetting the word outBelow the contribution section, you'll see ways to share your fundraiser on Twitter, Facebook, and via email. Go ahead and hit any/all of them, and start getting the word out. And you'll also get a welcome/thank you email from us with more tips on successful fundraising, so hopefully that will be helpful too.And then, just keep tabs on your fundraiser so that you meet - or exceed! - your goal before your deadline.Any questions, just let us know... and thank you again!Getting to your Champion goalAs a Champion, you've committed to bringing on 10 new lenders, and asking them each to "gift" a loan on your campaign page ultimately making a huge difference to the borrowers you're fundraising for!To get to this goal, we have a few suggestions:
  • Set a default contribution amount (we suggest $25) for your supporters and contributors - they can always give more, if they want
  • Once you reach your goal, you'll get a special gift code from us that you can then pass along to the lenders you brought on
  • We'll let you know when all the gift codes a.k.a loans have been redeemed.
Lend a little. Change a lot.You really will.