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This 21-Year-Old Has Beaten Cancer Twice, And Is Fighting It A Third Time

21 year old Parnavi has already beaten cancer twice, and is fighting it a third time.

A mother and daughter fighting cancer together

Archana, Parnavi’s mother, lost her husband to a heart attack in 1997 when Parnavi was one year old. Since then, her in-laws distanced themselves from the family. Now, they don’t even know or care how Parnavi and her mother are doing.

A pain in the leg that turned out to be something else.

In 2013, Parnavi complained of pain in her leg. When her mother took her the doctor, he said it was a spinal cord issue and prescribed medicines for it. Parnavi took these for over six months, but there was no improvement. Then Archana took her to a different doctor.

In Tata Hospitals, doctors diagnosed her with bone cancer

Archana was determined that her daughter- her only family, would be treated. Parnavi went through chemotherapy and surgery- a complete implant of the femur bone. She struggled to recover- chemotherapy left her so weak that she could not even grip a pencil. But she fought hard and recovered.

For two years, things were fine.

Archana was relieved, thinking that things were back to normal. Unfortunately, in 2016- Parnavi had relapsed- the tumour had come back. Parnavi- then 20, went through further treatments. She had further radiation therapies and chemotherapy. She was determined to fight cancer. And she won a second time.

Three months later, the cancer was back.

This time, the cancer is severe. This is the third time, and the treatment expenses have shot up like never before. Parnavi is undergoing radiation and the side effects are severe.

“Her skin has peeled away. There are severe burns on her body. She cannot even sit in comfort, and is on constant bedrest.” – Archana

Parnavi is determined to beat cancer again

Despite the pain that she is going through, Parnavi is still coping with her studies. She is a third year Psychology student at Symbiosis in Pune. She was extremely prepared for her studies- but was too weak to give her exams.

“She has plans for her future. She wants to beat cancer a third time and then finish her education. She wants to get a Master’s in Psychology.” – Archana

How can you help?

Archana has spent over Rs 20 lakhs in her daughter’s treatment. Archana works as a private employee in a plastic molding company in Pune. She earns Rs 15,000 a month. She juggles her employment along with taking Parnavi to the hospital.

She cannot afford the cost of treatment for Parnavi.

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