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This 16-year-old Girl Was Run Over By Train After She Slipped Off The Station Platform

Parimala is only 16. Her life has just begun. She was setting out to experience it all. After her class 10 board exams, she was waiting eagerly to begin her vacation. But the trip turned tragic after she slipped from the station platform and met with a terrible accident, leaving this teenage girl bedridden with damage to her pelvic bone.

A happy day turned into the most devastating incident of her entire life

On 23rd May 2016, they were going for a family vacation to Tuticorin. And Parimala was much happier than anyone else. 

Parimala was super excited to see the approaching train at the platform. She wanted to board it first. The train had slowed down but did not halt completely. She managed to step her one foot on the train footboard, while the other one remained on the platform leading to the accident. She fell in between the train and the platform. It was the last but one compartment that she tried to board. Her feet slipped and she fell, getting stuck between the platform and the train. Within seconds, the last compartment ran over her. 

“All this had happened in a fraction of a second. We saw our child falling in between. But we were helpless. Much before we could come to rescue, she was trapped and run over. Our little daughter was lying on tracks covered in blood.”

The family rushed her to the nearest hospital in Coimbatore where her condition deteriorated with each passing day. The doctors were unsure about the injury of her internal organs.After almost 10 days, Parimala gained consciousness.

She is in terrible pain and is struggling to even move

For the past couple of months, Parimala is in terrible pain. Her left humerus bone - the long bone which joins the elbow joint and the shoulder, has broken. She has several fractures in her right thigh as well. Her pelvic area got badly injured due to multiple fractures.

Currently, she has to lie down on the bed and finds it extremely difficult to either get up or move around. She has been advised to make the minimum movements possible so as to let her pelvic bone grow. 

For all this while, she has been fed via a tube that goes through her nose. She opens her eyes and responds in her own way. But I have a feeling that she is still in shock”.

The sight of her not being able to move is killing her parents

Parimala is the only daughter of Othimiel and Brindha. They believe that their daughter is strong enough and is not afraid of anything. It is Parimala who have started consoling her parents. She says that she has a long way to go. She wants to pursue medicine in future and cannot give up so easily.

Othimiel works in a private company to earn 30000 monthly. He has spent almost 9 lakhs for the treatment. And needs another 8 lakhs for further treatment.

“We are trying to provide to best possible treatment to our Pari. We have mortgaged our house. We are in heavy debts and have exhausted all our savings. And now, we have nothing left”.

How you can help

Although Parimala is out of ICU, she needs to be operated once again and requires medical care for a year. Each surgery of Parimala took a heavy toll on the family both financially and emotionally. No one should go through what Parimala is going through now. This girl's life depends on the treatment. Our support can help Parimala recover from this trauma and live the life she much deserves.

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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