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Relatives Think This 4-Month-Old Baby Is Untouchable Because Of The Large Tumor In Her Neck

" None of our relatives come to visit us any more. They refuse to touch our baby because they think the tumor will spread to them. Our baby is in so much pain and she needs a surgery, but no one is coming forward to even help us. They are scared of touching her." - Surya, Mother.

The tumor is growing in size, she can only lie down in one position

Surya did not miss any of the scans during her pregnancy and her reports did not reveal anything serious. She was told that the baby is healthy and she was looking forward to the baby's arrival but the very first sight of her baby was shocking. Baby Yazhyumuthu was born with a swelling in her neck, it was red in color and looked like it might burst out anytime. It was initially small but over the days it kept growing.

"She can't even lie down properly now, we have to be very careful when we carry her or make her sit in our lap. When we put her to sleep, she cries so much, I rock her in my arms till she sleeps. I don't even sleep fearing that she might toss around and the tumor might burst out. It is so frightening. - Surya.

She needs surgery before it's too late

Baby Yazhyumuthu's tumor is growing in size and it has to removed at the earliest. She'll have excruciating pain in her back and if it grows further and she may not be able to even sit or sleep without pain. After the tumor is removed, it'll be sent to lab to test if it is cancerous. Depending on the results, she will require further treatment.

" Now all I need is to get the tumor removed and see her living a happy life. It hurts to see my relatives abandoning her. She deserve all the love and care like other any other babies." - Surya.

"I was fired from my job while trying to save my baby, I can't afford the surgery"

Sathyanarayanan worked as a collection staff in a finance company. He was paid Rs 9000 per month. After the baby was born, he took her to many hospitals in his home town Cuddalore but no one was able to give the right treatment for her tumor. He was forced to take frequent leaves due to which he was fired from his job. He now stays in his friend's house in Chennai and is struggling to find a job. He needs 2.5 lakh for the surgery which is beyond his means. He is desperately waiting for your help.
4-month-old baby with a painful tumor in her neck needs urgent surgery, with your help she can live a normal life

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    The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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