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8 Hospitals And Innumerable Tests Later, They Still Don't Know Why Their Baby Is Suffering

"We have taken her to eight different hospitals so far. No one could find out what’s wrong with my baby. From the day she was born she has been having continuous diarrhoea. I couldn’t even feed my own child; her body simply rejects my milk. My baby is surviving only on medicines and milk powder and I don’t know how long she can hold on like this. She is getting weaker each day and we don’t have any money left for tests. All I want is to find out what her ailment is and get her treated soon,"- Saranya, mother of Yashika. 

3-month-old Baby Yashika weighed only 2kg when she was born. She was fine until the tenth day when she started exhibiting symptoms of Chronic Diarrhoea. She was further diagnosed to have Hypoglycemia, a condition where the body has very low sugar levels. Her body couldn’t take even her mother’s milk and doctors advised the parents to stop breastfeeding. From then this baby girl is living only on medicines and baby formula.

My little one’s body is full of needle marks

"From blood samples to stool analyses, my baby has undergone many check-ups to find out the root cause of the illness. Because of this, my little one’s body is full of needle marks. They couldn’t even get a line for IV last week and had to take it through her tiny neck. She is too weak to take any more tests. It breaks my heart to see my daughter suffer. We pray each day hoping we get a solution for all these struggles "- Gopi, father

The baby is now being investigated for multi-system medical conditions. Doctors anticipate that the baby’s symptoms could either be a result of complications with her hormones or a genetic disorder. Yashika’s parents are related by blood and doctors feel it could also be a reason for her illness. The hormone and genetic test results are yet to come and the parents are hoping at least this time they can diagnose the cause and treat her for it.

I’m scared to even hold her, thinking it might cause her pain

"Yashika is getting weaker each day. She now weighs less than what she did at birth. There is nothing in her body other than skin and bones. My baby doesn’t even have the strength to cry now. I’m scared of losing her. The test results are the only hope but once it is diagnosed we don’t know how we are going to afford her treatment. We have already spent around 2 lakhs for the tests and investigations. Only God can show us a way now,"- Saranya, mother. 

Gopi works as a salesman, and has already taken two months' leave to take care of the baby. He has started going to work again but has to keep taking two days off every week to stay in the hospital and help his wife. He had sold all his wife’s jewels and took a loan to pay for those costly tests. Now he has no option left and is worried about affording the future treatment.

I have faith that God will answer our prayers this time. He will tell us what is wrong with my baby, and my baby is going to be fine after she gets the treatment. I’m definitely going to take my daughter home soon. But paying for the treatment… I don’t know how I am going to manage that part. It is giving me sleepless nights already. All the money we get is exhausted on the tests alone. Now I have nothing else left with me - Gopi, father

Help these struggling parents who want nothing more than to cure their ailing daughter and take her back home healthy. Your valuable contribution can help bring a change in their life.

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