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Government School Teacher Who Quit Her Job To Care For Her Son Begs For Your Help To Save Him

On April 20th, 6-year-old Vivek Garg was rushed into the pediatric intensive care unit only for his parents to find out that he is suffering from a brain infection that could cost him his life if not treated immediately. The boy, with his parents, had journeyed 4 hours to Jaipur from their native Hindaun city of Rajasthan to see a doctor and confirm what is wrong with their son, following a headache and vomiting.

This was the fourth time that it happened to Vivek. The first time it occurred, he was 2.5 years old.

Vivek has been having seizures with intense headaches over the past few years

"We could not figure out what is wrong with our son. First, he had a bad headache, and then, he vomited. In those minutes, his body went stiff. We were so terrified and did not understand what was happening,” his mother Poonam recalled, as she sat next to her husband on the floor of the hospital, which they haven't left for a minute since he's been admitted.

The mother went on to describe when it happened again in the following years, while the father mostly had his eyes locked on the hospital's floor. However, in his low tone, he added whatever she missed. He gets disheartened by the sight of his little son on the hospital bed, fighting for his life.

As Vivek turned three, he started going to school. He didn't like going to school and could not make friends, but he does love reading books.

“He asks me to help him complete his homework so that he could return to school soon,” the mother said. “He is so naughty. His eldest sister Pranshika often complains about him since he teases her a lot. His sister and cousin are his only friends."

Vivek playing Holi with his sister (in the middle) and a cousin

She was so afraid of losing him that she quit her job to be by his side

"It was all going well until he had a second attack. His body went stiff and froth began to come out of his mouth. It all happened at around 4 AM. It became clear that we could not leave him alone after that,” his father Vinod said.

This was the time when Poonam gave up her job as a government school teacher to look after their son's health. And the husband continued to work at an electric shop. Following the incident, they took him to a doctor nearby. However, they could not afford to buy the prescribed medicine. He had a third attack last year. Poonam has not left any stone unturned to get a diagnosis for Vivek. Unfortunately, it took years.

Homeless and hopeless, they now beg people for help

Vivek was hit by a bike when he was little. The family thought since he fell on the road, he became a victim to constant headaches and the other conditions. However, his doctor after a CT scan has rejected this theory. It is confirmed that he has a deadly bacterial brain infection, which might be due to immune deficiency. However, Poonam and Vinod cannot afford to keep him in the ICU. The family is now in debt. They have also mortgaged their only house. Now they are out of money for medical expenses, food and rent.

We don't need a house. We don't need anything. We just need our son back," the mother said, breaking into tears as she asked the doctor if he will ever recover.

How you can help

Vivek has known only pain all his life. Can you remember your very first headache? If it struck you in childhood, then you know that it is unbearable. Vivek's headaches are more intense. They make him vomit. They give him seizures and he has been suffering for years. Without help, Vivek will succumb to his condition.

Your contribution can save Vivek's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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