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They Lost 2 Children To Liver Disease Now These Parents Risk Losing Their 7-Month-Old To The Same

“My wife keeps telling me that we will lose Vivan like we have lost two of our babies before to the same disease. She is afraid and is very protective about him. She doesn’t let anyone else give him his medicines. I keep telling her that there is hope for our baby boy, a liver transplant can save him but she is too afraid to believe me. It took us years to overcome that shock and grief and just when we thought we have found happiness, Vivan fell sick. I have to save Vivan, I need your help to do that,” - Deepak, father.

Vivan has the same disease as the children they lost

Life hasn’t been fair to Swathi and Deepak. The couple have lost two children, a few months after they were born. Both of them had convulsions and before the parents could do anything to save them, the babies breathed their last.
“This time, when I was pregnant with Vivan, we went for a genetic diseases test. The result was normal, we thought there was nothing that we need to worry about. But soon after Vivan was born and the doctors did several tests, they found out that he has a genetic condition that is damaging his liver. They said my other babies could have died because of this,” - Swathi, mother.

Vivan can't even drink his mother's milk

7-month-old Vivan is suffering from end stage liver disease - his liver is not functioning properly leading to an increased amount of ammonia in his body. This increased amount of ammonia can eventually lead to brain damage.


“He can’t have any proteins - not even milk. He lives on a strict diet of vegetable soups, he can’t have anything else. The doctors have told us that he won’t be able to live like this for long, he needs a liver transplant at the earliest.”

I am ready to donate a part of my liver to my son but who will bear the cost?

Deepak and Swathi are ready to go to any extent to save their baby’s life. Swathi has undergone tests and is waiting for the results - she is hopeful that she can donate her liver to Vivan. But they need 20 lakhs for the transplant - it is a huge amount for anyone, especially for a middle class family like that of Deepak’s.

“I can’t bear to think what will happen if I can’t arrange for the money. I have been running from pillar to post to save Vivan’s life. Often I return home late, hardly get any sleep after. But when I see my baby boy’s face, I know that I will have to fight on. We are the only ones he has got, I don’t want to fail him.”

How you can help

Little Vivan is suffering from a severe kind of liver disease and he has been on medicine since his birth. His father, who works in a pharmacy, has never missed a single day of his medicine - his employers have been kind enough to give him those expensive medicines free of cost. But now Vivan needs a liver transplant. A generous contribution from your side can save his life.  
With your support, Vivan can live a healthy life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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